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Corrosion and Electrochemical Science

The Corrosion and Electrochemical Science Group is an interdisciplinary group of scientists and engineers interested in characterizing materials, and their interactions with various environments.

Our team conducts both fundamental and applied science studies of current research interests in the fundamental mechanisms of localized corrosion processes and applying new understanding to ‘real world’ problems confronting the Department of Energy.

We are highly skilled at designing and modifying instrumentation to perform unique experiments. Examples include our scanning electrochemical microscope (SECM) and microelectrode array microscope (MEAM). We have a full suite of electrochemical instrumentation to perform corrosion measurements, electrochemical noise measurements, electrodeposition, surface modification, energy storage, and electrosynthesis.

The Corrosion and Electrochemical Science Group welcomes the opportunity to participate in collaborative research with scientists from universities, industry, and other federal agencies. Other opportunities include post-doctoral fellowships, sabbaticals and staff positions.

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