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Research Support Services

R&D Support Services is a division of Idaho National Laboratory's Facilities & Site Services directorate. This organization provides a host of important services to INL employees and facilities. Its key services to the Laboratory include:

  • Learning, Performance & Knowledge Services
  • Nuclear Operations Training Services
  • Machining, Fabrication & Prototype Finishing Services
  • Integrated Transportation Services
  • Storefront Utilization
  • INL Food Services

Learning, Performance & Knowledge Services

Learning, Performance & Knowledge Services serves INL employees with quick, efficient solutions to their performance and information needs. INL Training provides general and specialized training for INL employees, including many Web-based courses. The Technical Publications group provides writing, graphic arts, text processing and photo/video services across the Lab. Document Control and Records Management groups provide complete document processing, change control and recordkeeping for INL.

From the INL Research Library, the Scientific Information Services group delivers hundreds of scientific and technical journals online for scientists and engineers of all disciplines. It also helps scientists and engineers draft proposals and write journal articles. INL is now digitizing historic research articles, many of which pertain to nuclear research performed at INL in the past. The digitized files will be made available with full text search capabilities to INL researchers working on the nation's nuclear energy programs, and to qualified scientists and researchers around the world.

Nuclear Operations Training Services

Nuclear Operations Training Services prepares Nuclear Operations employees for increasing responsibility in the laboratory's nuclear programs, missions, projects and research. INL's nuclear mission includes leading roles in next-generation reactor design, the production of power sources for deep-space missions, production of medical and industrial isotopes, materials research, and the potential for hydrogen production from emissions-free nuclear power reactors. ATR Program Training includes the Reactor Training Program, the Advanced Test Reactor Simulator, ATR operator training and qualifications, and ATR facility-specific training. Laboratory & Hot Cell Services Training includes the Nuclear Facility Training Program, facility-specific training, and hot cell operator training and qualifications. Nuclear Operations Training Services continues to maintain and improve the laboratory's training infrastructure. This includes the electronic TRAIN system, which records and tracks the general training required of all employees as well as the specific training that any individual employee needs or has completed. Training also offers training program support, specific training for subject matter experts in a variety of disciplines, industrial safety training and support in the use of the latest instructional technology.

Machining, Fabricating & Prototype Finishing Services

Machining, Fabricating & Prototype Finishing Services includes multiple state-of-the-art machine shops and a glass shop. It provides complete fabrication services for the laboratory's scientists and engineers in support of research experiments, development and upscaling of new technologies and processes, and related science and engineering activities. It also provides complete support for the design and building of engineering mockups, and for rapid prototyping of new instruments, equipment and technologies. These two groups offer a broad array of technical capabilities in support of INL's nuclear energy, national and homeland security, science and technology and other missions. Manufacturing Services is also responsible for establishing sitewide qualifications/certifications required for using various kinds of equipment.

Integrated Transportation Services

Transportation & Fleet Services is responsible for operating and maintaining the fleet of more than 100 INL passenger buses that transport employees to and from the INL Site every day of the year. Fleet Operations also maintains INL's 780 light-duty cars, trucks and other vehicles - and roughly 700-plus pieces of heavy equipment the laboratory owns, including bulldozers, backhoes, snowplows, tractors, trenchers, man lifts and forklifts. INL fleet maintenance is carried out in the Big Shop at the Central Facilities Area (CFA). The Big Shop has a fueling station, bus wash, and mechanics' bays with hydraulic lifts capable of handling INL's passenger buses. It also has paint, welding and other vehicle service areas. It is noted for its pollution prevention and waste minimization practices, including the elimination of organic compounds through the use of new water-based parts washers. It maintains INL's 100-bus fleet, some 700 light-duty vehicles, and hundreds of pieces of heavy equipment as well. The Big Shop works with nearby Grand Teton and Yellowstone national parks to incorporate pollution prevention measures in park vehicle fleets; consults with cities in the region on conversion and maintenance of bus fleets to alternative fuels; and shares its expertise with government agencies, university researchers and private industry.

Storefront Utilization

R&D Support Services is implementing a storefront concept to increase the quality, availability and efficiency of our customer services. The use of "storefronts" where customers can identify and purchase the services they need - and give feedback on our services and how to improve them - is a key to continuously improving R&D Support Services for all customers.

INL Food Services

Cafeteria Services are provided at the Materials & Fuels Complex, the Reactor Technology Complex, and the Specific Manufacturing Capability and Central Facilities Area. R&D Support Services oversees INL employees and contracted vendors to provide and maintain this essential service. The INL Food Service Coordinator oversees cafeterias at MFC, RTC, SMC and CFA, with responsibility for operations, health and safety inspections, worker oversight, resolution of employee questions, and continuous improvement in food quality, service and customer satisfaction.

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