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The INL's DOE Public Reading Room is part of a Department of Energy network of FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) Offices and Reading Rooms.  The Reading Rooms are designed to provide public access to DOE information concerning nuclear energy programs, environmental and waste management, and site-specific concerns.  The INL Research Library provides access to information, staffing, and research assistance for the DOE Reading Room.  The Library works closely with the Idaho Operations Office and with the FOIA contacts to operate this facility and deliver information to the public.  The Reading Room is an extension of the INL Research Library and is currently transitioning to a virtual state, improving accessibility to the public.

The Reading Room provides access to the following services and collections:

  • Select technical reports published by the INL and other laboratories
  • INL CERCLA Administrative Record and Information Repository collection
  • Environmental Impacts Statements, Environmental Assessments and their supporting references
  • Select HWMA/RCRA Permits and Applications
  • Select contractor related documents such as Contractor Performance Evaluation and Fee reports
  • DOE Headquarters and INL environmental and waste management related documents (site specific plans, etc.)
  • DOE and INL National Environmental Policy Act related documents
  • Human Radiation Experiments records
  • Advanced Mixed Waste Treatment Project supporting reference documents
  • Select FOIA requested documents

To search the holdings of the Reading Room, click on the Search button at the bottom of this page.

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Reading Room and FOIA Contacts:

FOIA Requestor Service Center:  208-526-5190
FOIA Public Liaison:  Brad Bugger, 208-526-0833
FOIA Officer:  Clayton Ogilvie, 208-526-5190 

FOIA Web Page:  http://www.id.energy.gov/foia/
FOIA Mailing Address:
   U.S. DOE-ID
   Attn: Clayton Ogilvie, MS 1203 
   1955 Fremont Ave. 
   Idaho Falls, ID 83415

Research Library, 208-526-1185
Al Hoiland, FOIA Officer, 208 526-1199

INL Research Library Operating Hours:
8am - 5pm Monday through Thursday
8am - 5pm alternate Fridays     see INL Events Calendar (below) for Friday closures 

Physical Address: (Driving Directions)
INL Radiological & Environmental Sciences Office, Building IF-601
2251 N Boulevard
Idaho Falls, ID   83402
(Use Driving Directions for the INL Research Center)

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