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  1. D. D Dudenhoeffer, M.P. Jones. "A Formation Behavior For Large-Scale Micro-Robot Force Deployment," Proceedings of the 2000 Winter Simulation Conference 2000, (WSC '00), Orlando, FL, Dec 5-8, 2000. — 174kB PDF

  2. D. D. Dudenhoeffer, D. J. Bruemmer, M. O. Anderson, and M. D. McKayD. 2001, Development and Implementation of Large-Scale Micro-Robotic Forces Using Formation Behaviors, In Proceedings of SPIE, Unmanned Ground Vehicle Technology II, 4024. Bellington, Washington: SPIE- The International Society for Optical Engineering. — 109kB PDF

  3. D. D. Dudenhoeffer, and D. J. Bruemmer, and M. L. Davis. Modeling And Simulation For Exploring Human-Robot Team Interaction Requirements. 2001 Winter Simulation Conference, Washington DC, Dec 2001. — 330kB PDF

  4. D. J. Bruemmer, D. D. Dudenhoeffer, J. Marble. Mixed-Initiative Remote Characterization Using a Distributed Team of Small Robots, 2001 AAAI Mobile Robot Workshop, Seattle, WA, July 2001. — 619kB PDF

  5. D. J. Bruemmer, D. D. Dudenhoeffer, M. O. Anderson, M. D. McKay. A Robotic Swarm for Spill Finding and Perimeter Formation, Spectrum 2002, Reno, NV, August 2002. — 107kB PDF

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