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Government Property Sales

TheINL Property Disposal Service (PDS) performs operations to provide property reuse and disposal services. Property reuse includes INL reuse, transfers to other government agencies, or acquisition of excess assets from other government agencies. Disposal includes gifting, donating, or selling excess and surplus property:

  • Vehicles - passenger motor vehicles, light trucks, trailers, motor scooters, truck tractors, and heavy equipment
  • Scrap - stainless steel, copper, carbon, brass, bronze, and galvanized metal
  • Buildings - manufactured homes and complete buildings
  • Computer Equipment - CPUs, monitors, modems, printers, and plotters
  • Miscellaneous Categories of Property - industrial machinery, mills, lathes, drill presses, shears, meters, and electrical test equipment.

Current Sales Packets

Current Sales Package.   Sale closes on 05/01/2014 For on-line sales please visit the Department of Energy listing on the Bid4Assets Web site.

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Education and Research Transfer Program

Property to Support Education and Science Needs

Transferring and donating education-related government equipment.

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