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Procurement Opportunities

Procuring products and services associated with an extremely diverse research and development laboratory.

Five Principal Procurement Categories

The principal products and services to be procured in support of the INL Small Business Subcontracting Goals are those associated with an extremely diverse research and development environment and are vital to the vision and mission of the INL.

INL has established five principle procurement categories; Commodities, Construction, Equipment (major), Information Technology and Services to track and communicate opportunities. Items or services that fall within the five principal procurement categories are outlined below.

    1. Commodities: office supplies; laboratory supplies; chemicals; industrial supplies; fasteners; tools; clothing; gasses; petroleum
    2. Construction: new facilities; system upgrades
    3. Equipment: capital equipment; heavy equipment; instrumentation; engineered hardware; nuclear fuels; reactor spare parts
    4. Information Technologies: workstations; specialty software; servers; services; software telecommunications services and equipment; equipment systems; personal computers
    5. Services (technical services): engineering; civil, structural, mechanical, electrical, landscaping; environmental support; environmental sampling, facility support; maintenance; university research and development

INL will provide realistic, available information on current subcontracts, potential upcoming opportunities, and requirements and restrictions as known.

This information is not inclusive of all INL's procurement activities. Time constraints, existing procedures and resources, and program requirements reduce opportunities available for posting; however, we will make every attempt to provide valuable information.

If you are interested in any of the current opportunities list, please send an email stating your interest and qualifications to the INL Small Business Program Office.

Expression of Interest: Sources Sought

None at this time.

INL Forecasting Information

This forecasting information includes information on potential upcoming procurements. This information is subject to change and opportunities may not materialize.

Forecasting Sheet - February 2014


Below is a list of Commodities that have been procured through standard Blanket Purchase Orders (BPO).  Solicitation of these items is anticipated at least 120 days prior to the BPO expiration date. The BPO expiration date includes subcontract option years.

Commodity BPO Expiration Date
Air Filters 10/10/16
Electrical 12/20/15
Janitorial Supplies 03/31/16
Lab Supplies 07/30/15
Office Supplies 12/01/14
Paper 06/19/14
Peripherals 02/28/17
Printers 05/21/17
Standardized Software 02/13/14
Toner Cartridges (Printer/Copier/Fax) 12/01/14
Tools & Hardware 07/01/14
Work Clothing 10/19/16


Below is a list of Services that have been procured under Blanket Master Contracts (BMC). INL does not anticipate soliciting these items at least 120 days prior to the BMC expiration date. The BMC expiration date includes subcontract option years.


BMC Expiration Date
Business Support Services
(includes Administratives, Document & Record Management nd Publication & Graphic Arts Support Services)
Technical & Engineering Support Services 09/30/2014
Information Technology Support Services 09/30/2014

Department of energy

DOE Office of Nuclear Energy
DOE-Idaho Office