Nuclear Science and Technology

The INL was established in 1949 to take on the top-priority mission of harnessing the power of the atom for peaceful applications.

In the years that followed, thousands of world-class scientists and engineers made Idaho their home, and devoted their careers to advancing the state of the art nuclear research and development.

Today, one of the main focus areas of the INL is meeting the nation's energy and nuclear technology needs.

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Advanced Nuclear Energy Systems

Designing and analyzing advanced nuclear reactor systems for a variety of applications.

Nuclear Hydrogen

Producing hydrogen for commercial use by synthetic fuels, fuel cells, and military applications.

Advanced Fuel Cycle

Working on technologies to reduce the quantity and hazard of used nuclear fuel and high-level waste is part of the Advanced Fuel Cycle program.

Nuclear Safety

Supporting programs for the Nuclear Regulatory Commission and providing safety analysis resources for INL facilities and operations.

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