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Advanced Fuel Cycle

Working on technologies to reduce the quantity and hazard of used nuclear fuel and high-level waste is part of the INL's Advanced Fuel Cycle Program.

Advanced Fuel Cycle Program

 The INL has been working with the DOE and international research community to explore the potential of advanced technologies for achieving a dramatic reduction in the volume and toxicity of nuclear waste. The Advanced Fuel Cycle program has a top priority to develop new technologies that provide timely resolution of issues related to spent nuclear fuel disposition, and that could more effectively make use of the limited space in the Yucca Mountain Repository, reducing costs and delaying or eliminating the need for a second repository.

The technologies being developed in the Advanced Fuel Cycle program include processes that can safely and effectively separate the useful components of discharged nuclear fuel from the wastes in a manner that preserves the proliferation resistance of the materials and processes. One example, the advanced aqueous process, closes the fuel cycle to make new fuel and to minimize wastes sent for geologic disposal.

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