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Nuclear Safety

In the six decades since the world’s first usable amounts of electricity were produced from nuclear power, research and development at Idaho National Laboratory have produced programs and tools today used worldwide to identify and analyze nuclear safety risks at nuclear power plants and research facilities, to design new nuclear reactors, to train nuclear industry workers and users, and to provide education about nuclear energy.

As the nation's pre-eminent nuclear energy research and development laboratory, INL' s nuclear energy mission is to develop advanced nuclear technologies that provide clean, abundant, affordable and reliable energy to the United States and the world.

Two programs produced at INL are used worldwide to identify and analyze nuclear safety risks at nuclear power plants and research facilities, and to design new nuclear reactors. One of those programs is the Reactor Excursion and Leak Analysis Program (RELAP) family of codes, used to support severe accident research programs as well as the assessment of the safety of nuclear power plants.

The second is the Systems Analysis Programs for Hands-on Integrated Reliability Evaluations (SAPHIRE) which provides models to estimate reliability, or risk; determine frequencies of accident scenarios, and identify vulnerability in design/operations. In use for more than 20 years, it is held in high regard around the world.

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The 2011 RELAP5 International Users Seminar (RIUS 2011) will be hosted by Idaho National Laboratory (INL) in Salt Lake City, Utah, July 25-28. The meeting provides a forum for code users from around the globe to share their RELAP5 development and analysis experiences, and to learn about new features and applications in RELAP5-3D. Membership in IRUG is not a condition for attendance, and technical papers are encouraged based on any version or application of RELAP5.

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SAPHIRE is the premier probablistic risk and reliability tool.


RELAP5-3D is the latest in the RELAP5 code series

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