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Nuclear Power Plants

Every nuclear power plant designed in the world has been influenced by knowledge gained at Idaho National Laboratory. INL has a rich heritage that includes the distinction of being the site where nuclear energy was first harnessed to create electricity. This happened at Experimental Breeder Reactor-1 in 1951. Since that time, nuclear power plants have been constructed across the world.

Nuclear Power Plants in Operation (source: NEI)
As of February 2009, 30 countries worldwide were operating 436 nuclear reactors for electricity generation. Nuclear power plants provided about 14 percent of the world's electricity production in 2007.

Number of Nuclear Power Plants in Operation By Country (Source: IAEA)

Worldwide 436
USA  104
France 59
Japan  53
Russia 31
S. Korea 20
U.K.  19
Canada 18
India  17
Germany 17
China  11
Sweden 10
Spain  8
Belgium 7

New Nuclear Power Plants Under Construction (Source: IAEA)
As of June, 2009, 47 new nuclear plants were under construction in 14 countries.

China  12
Russia  8
India  6
S. Korea  5
Bulgaria 2
Taiwan 2
Ukraine  2
Japan  2
USA   1
Argentina 1
Finland 1
France 1
Iran   1
Pakistan  1

Nuclear Share in Electricity Generation (2008) (Source: IAEA)

France 76.2%
Germany 28.3%
Japan  25.0%
USA  19.7%
Russia 16.9%
Canada 14.8%
U.K.  13.5%
China  2.2%
India  2.0%

New U.S. Nuclear Power Plants License Applications (source: NEI)
17 companies and consortia are pursuing licenses for more than 30 nuclear power plants. The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission has begun reviewing the first wave of applications.

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