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The i-STEM Teacher Institute is filled with hands-on experiments and classes that connect the STEM subjects in imaginative ways.

i-STEM Teacher Institute

The i-STEM Teacher Institute participants learn how to incorporate more science activities into their classrooms.

Hundreds of Idaho teachers participated in the i-STEM, teacher institutes this summer, which are designed to help them incorporate hands-on STEM activities into their classrooms.

During the four-day workshops, teachers choose a specific topic such as robotics, water systems, gold mining or health care to study. The topical sessions are taught by experts and incorporate hands-on activities teachers can use in their classrooms. Teachers also participate in general sessions in which they learn how to integrate STEM into all the subjects they teach.

The institutes are part of the Idaho STEM initiative, a partnership of educators, government and businesses working together to improve science, technology, engineering and math education in the state.

The i-STEM institutes are funded by grants and by industry supporters like Battelle Energy Alliance, the contractor that runs INL, Micron, HP, Idaho Power and others.

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