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A full list of features since INL's 2005 transformation is provided along with contact information.

Feature Story Archive

04/11/2014 - Senior Senate committee members visit Idaho laboratory
03/31/2014 - Meet Rory Kennedy, ATR NSUF Scientific Director
03/20/2014 - Idaho National Lab honors researchers, inventors, technicians
03/03/2014 - Long, winding road to revitalizing INL's Research and Education Campus
02/10/2014 - After-school students 'energized' by Idaho National Laboratory scientists
01/27/2014 - INL Advanced Electrolyte Model: Virtual Laboratory for Tomorrow's Electrolyte Systems
01/14/2014 - Idaho scientist helps student use laser to remove graffiti for senior project
01/02/2014 - Idaho scientists discover clue in the case of the missing silver
12/23/2013 - Counting the ways INL gives back to eastern Idaho communities
12/16/2013 - Illuminating results: INL broadens understanding of solar storms
12/10/2013 - MorphoHawk is no cakewalk
12/02/2013 - New explosives test capability helps armor research
11/25/2013 - Idaho research scientist wins American Nuclear Society honor
11/18/2013 - Scientist wins award for innovative water-filtering technology
11/04/2013 - INL dual-fuel buses reduce operating costs, carbon footprint
10/28/2013 - Idaho Falls engineer launches into history
10/21/2013 - Former INL intern receives NASA funding for space exploration technology
09/27/2013 - BISON enables complex nuclear fuel modeling, simulation
09/20/2013 - World-class laboratory in Idaho brings in researchers from far and wide
09/12/2013 - Simulation capability illuminates geothermal energy potential
09/09/2013 - Gold used to test reactor beam quality, intensity after upgrade
08/26/2013 - Idaho laser research could benefit nuclear recycling
08/19/2013 - Idaho scientist creates solution for looming broadband shortage
08/13/2013 - How to think like a nuclear control room operator
A suite of new capabilities is empowering the next generation of nuclear energy advances… 08/05/2013 - Suite of new capabilities makes Idaho a 'one-stop shop' for nuclear energy research
Users Week attendees tour INL's Materials & Fuels Complex 07/23/2013 - Nuclear academics, professionals converge for 6th annual Users Week
07/03/2013 - INL research team hits 100 million-mile mark
Researcher holds cerium oxide crystals 06/19/2013 - Uranium crystals could reveal future of nuclear fuel
Two students set up their science project display 06/07/2013 - Science fair sparks creativity in budding scientists, inventors
Students present their model in the CAVE 05/16/2013 - Idaho H.S. students take algebra lessons to 3-D CAVE
Researchers view simulation in INL visualization lab 05/02/2013 - MOOSE simulation environment fosters a herd of modeling applications
04/22/2013 - Advancing a National Electric Grid Reliability Test Bed
ATR test designers assemble an experiment for irradiation 04/09/2013 - Giving industry access to national laboratory capabilities
INL nuclear engineer John Bess 03/25/2013 - French nuclear designers tap American expertise
Symposium participants on INL bioenergy lab tour 03/18/2013 - Idaho Research Symposium draws entrepreneurs, executives, venture capitalists
Scientist in INL's Centrifugal Contactor Lab 03/07/2013 - Reverse mining: Scientists extract rare earth materials from consumer products
Group photo of award team 03/05/2013 - Energy Department recognizes lab's transition to cloud-based email
INL Honors Reception program cover 02/25/2013 - Researchers, inventors, technicians honored for achievements
Honors Reception program cover 02/19/2013 - National laboratory leaders lauded with Energy Advocate Awards
Myers in front of his house with solar panels 02/06/2013 - Energy researcher building microgrid at home
Graphic depiction of control room resilience 01/22/2013 - Resilience as a way of life
INL researchers helped get charging stations for IF Power's Chevy Volts 01/07/2013 - Local utility works with national lab on new energy projects

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