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Sen. Crapo Addresses Energy Communities Alliance

Idaho Senator Mike Crapo spoke at the Energy Communities Alliance (ECA) meeting in Idaho Falls, ID on Oct. 9, 2008. ECA is the organization of local governments that are adjacent to or impacted by Department of Energy (DOE) activities.The annual meeting was hosted by the Partnership for Science and Technology (PST) and the City of Idaho Falls.
Sen. Crapo discusses U.S. energy policy at the ECA meeting.

In his remarks, Crapo emphasized the need for the represented communities to work together on energy-related issues. He also encouraged those in attendance to build relationships with those departments that work with Congress on energy policy in order to help produce results in Congress.

Crapo also discussed Congress’s work on energy policy and described his disappointment in the lack of a “rational” energy policy for the United States. Crapo, who sits on the Subcommittee on Energy, Natural Resources and Infrastructure, told the ECA group that he generally disagrees with the notion that Congress is to blame for everything.  In the case of energy policy, however, he said that Congress is to blame. The senator discussed his hope that Congress will develop a comprehensive energy policy in the near future. Additionally, he cited the strong need for resources outside carbon-based energy sources.

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