Scholarship & Fellowship FAQs

How much money is NEUP awarding to universities and students next year?

Scholarships: It is anticipated that approximately 88 undergraduate scholarships will be awarded ($5,000 award per student) pending availability of funds. Fellowships: Depending on the availability of funds, DOE-NE expects to award up to 30 fellowships under this RFA ($150,000 over three years).

My school isn’t on the list of universities and colleges approved to administer NEUP scholarships and fellowships. Am I still eligible for an award?

Your university or college will need to apply to the U.S. Department of Energy's Fellowship/Scholarship Program Funding Opportunity Announcment (DE-FOA-0000304) on to be added to the list.  The process takes about six weeks from when we receive the application, so it is important that your university do this as soon as possible. If you are selected to receive an award and your school is not on the current list but has applied, we will expedite the process. It is preferable that the application on be submitted from someone at the school that has the authority to agree to the terms of the FOA and who can administer the awards without charge.

Are NEUP fellowships and scholarships only for nuclear engineering students?

No. The awards are open to students in a variety of nuclear-related fields, including radiochemistry, health physics and nuclear physics. Students enrolled in two-year technical programs in nuclear are also eligible.

Is NEUP just Nuclear Energy Research Initiative with a new name?

They are not the same program although they do have similar elements. Like NERI, NEUP funds university-led nuclear energy research and development projects. But NEUP also funds infrastructure and equipment grants and scholarships and fellowships for students, which NERI did not.
The last of the NERI research projects will wrap up in 2010.

When are the reference letters due? How should they be submitted to NEUP?

They are due on February 16, 2011. Once you enter each reference's information into the system, they will receive an automatic email informing them on how to submit their letters.

The Fellowship RFA states that GRE scores are required. If I have not yet taken the GRE, but plan to within the next couple of weeks, am I still eligible to apply? It also mentions that the GRE Subject Test is recommended. Is this required?

As long as your GRE scores are submitted prior to the February 16, 2011 deadline, they will be accepted. The GRE Subject Test is recommended; however, if it was not required for acceptance into your graduate program, you will need to submit an explanation to so it can be placed with your application.

I applied for a NEUP Fellowship award last year and am applying again this year. Do I need to resubmit transcripts or GRE scores, or do you still have them on file?

If you applied for a Fellowship or Scholarship last year, then NEUP should have your previously submitted transcripts and test scores on file; however, just to be sure, please send an email to letting us know that you applied last year and are planning to do so again this year so that we can go ahead and pull your records to create a new file. In addition, we recommend that you make mention of this within your personal statement in case something is overlooked.

I am currently a senior and will be going to school for one more year to complete my undergraduate degree. Am I still eligible to apply for a NEUP Scholarship even though I am going to be a fifth year senior?

Yes. You are still eligible to apply for a NEUP Scholarship.

I was not required to take the GREs. Am I still eligible to apply for a NEUP Fellowship?

Yes. You are still eligible to apply for a NEUP Fellowship. You will need to send an email to letting us know that they weren't required so we can note it in your file.

Are permanent residents eligible to apply for a NEUP scholarship or fellowship?