Proposal Writing Tips for Success

NEUP has made several proposal writing tips available for use by current and future proposers. These tips have been compiled by principal investigators and the NEUP Integration Office based upon past experience with the proposal process. These documents are guidance only and do not guarantee a successful award. Any questions regarding the NEUP's proposal process can be submitted through the Q&A section of the website.

NEUP Proposal Development: Guidelines to Writing a Competitive Proposal 

Responsive and Effective Proposal Writing- Todd Allen, University of Wisconsin, Madison. (From the FY 2010 NEUP Workshop)

Success Strategies for NEUP Applications and Proposals

NEUP staff offered a Webinar in coordination with the 2011 American Nuclear Society Winter Meeting in Washington D.C. The Webinar focused on success strategies for NEUP applications and proposals.

Watch: Success Strategies for NEUP Applications and Proposals Webinar