Final Project Report Preparation Requirements

Final reports and quad charts are requested within 60 days after the end date of a subcontract and can take the place of a final quarterly report. Once submitted to the NEUP Integration Office, a cover page will be created for publication to the NEUP website and submission to the Office of Scientific and Technical Information (

The NEUP-IO will forward the report to the assigned Federal and Technical Points of Contact, along with the DOE Headquarters staff.

There is no required format or template for the final report, however, in accordance to the subcontract:

Reports shall include the following elements:

  • The final report shall contain a comprehensive summary of all work results and conclusions.  All reports shall fairly and completely describe the efforts applied to and the results obtained toward achievement of objectives of the subcontract work.  If an objective is not accomplished, such failure shall be fully documented and explained in the report.
  • Reports shall include the following elements: (a) a brief abstract of the report which describes the overall objectives and results; (b) a full statement of each objective and description of the effort performed and the accomplishments achieved; (c) a list of any publication or information release made of material developed or maintained through the performance of the subcontract; (d) a final quad chart; and (e) any other relevant information.

Send final reports and quad charts to For examples of complete final project reports visit the "Final Project Reports" section of the website.