Infrastructure Grants

The Office of Nuclear Energy recognizes that in order for U.S. universities to conduct cutting-edge research and educate the next generation of nuclear science and engineering students they need to be properly equipped.
Through NEUP, the agency funds infrastructure grants of up to $300,000 for equipment and instrumentation for research reactors, other specialized facilities, classrooms and laboratories, and non-reactor nuclear science and engineering research.
NEUP awarded over $12 million in infrastructure grants to 40 universities in 2010.

FY 2010 General Science Infrastructure Support FOA

FY 2010 Research Reactor Upgrades FOA

FY10 University Selection for Infrastructure Awards

University Equipment and/or purpose
Major Reactor Upgrades:
North Carolina State University Upgrade of the Power of the PULSTAR Reactor from 1-MWth in Support of Nuclear Engineering Education and Research
University of Missouri, Columbia Upgrade of the University of Missouri Research Reactor (MURR) Cooling Tower Cells
Massachusetts Institute of Technology Infrastructure Upgrade to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Research Reactor (MITR) in Support of In-Core Materials Irradiations, Radiation Detection, and Operational Safety
Texas A&M, Texas Engineering Experiment Station Cooling Tower Replacement, Replacement of the Nuclear Science Center Fire Alarm System, Whole Body Exit Monitor, Airborne Material Control, Facility Air Monitoring System
Minor Reactor Upgrades:
Colorado School of Mines High Resolution Digital Neutron Imaging and Computed Neutron Tomography
Idaho State University Idaho State University Nuclear Energy University Program Reactor Upgrade
Kansas State University Educational and Research Infrastructure Enhancement at the Kansas State University Reactor
Missouri University of Science and Technology An Active Heat Removal System for Continuous Operation of the Missouri University Science and Technology Reactor (MSTR)
University of New Mexico University of New Mexico AGN-201M Equipment Upgrades
The Ohio State University Upgrade the Ohio State University Research Reactor Heat Removal System and to Construct a Cryogenic Irradiation Facility
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Upgrading the Walthousen Reactor Critical Facility (RCF) to a Modern Nuclear Reactor Laboratory
University of California, Irvine Equipment Upgrades for Safety and Research
University of Massachusetts, Lowell Reactor Equipment Upgrade
University of Texas, Austin Reactor Upgrades of Nuclear Engineering Teaching Laboratory
University of Wisconsin, Madison Nuclear Reactor Infrastructure Upgrade: Prompt Gamma Ray Neutron Activation Analysis (PGNAA) System
University of Utah Reactor Specific Infrastructure – Minor Reactor Upgrade
General Scientific Infrastructure:
Alcorn State University Enhancing the Learning Experience of Health Physics Students Through Training and Practice
Boise State University Acquisition of a Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) for Microstructural and Chemical Analysis of Nuclear Materials
Colorado School of Mines Sub-micrometer Scale Tomographic Examination of Activated Materials
Columbia Basin College Radiological Protection Technology Equipment Acquisition Program
Drexel University Instrumentation for Research and Education in Nuclear Engineering and Nuclear Materials Science: Quantifying Radiation Damage and Detection in Reactor Materials
Georgia Tech Radiation Detection and Nuclear Materials Equipment to Enhance Education and Research in Nuclear and Radiological Engineering
Illinois Institute of Technology Stress-Strain Measurements Using Illinois Institute of Technology Beamlines with a Two-Dimensional, X-ray Area Detector Coupled to Both Radioactive and Non-Radioactive Tensile Stages
Massachusetts Institute of Technology General Scientific Infrastructure Application of the Department of Nuclear Science and Engineering at Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Missouri University of Science and Technology Nuclear Infrastructure Upgrade to Enhance Research and Teaching Capabilities
North Carolina State University Dual Ion Beam Assisted Deposition (IBAD) System for Densification and Interface Modification of Nuclear Fuel Coatings and Innovative Energy-Related Materials
The Ohio State University The Ohio State’s General Scientific Infrastructure Support Proposal
Oregon State University Reinvestment in Nuclear Engineering and Radiation Sciences Education
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute New Research and Development and Teaching Laboratory Experiments
South Dakota State University Nuclear Counting Infrastructure for the Nuclear Laboratory at South Dakota State University
Syracuse University Equipment for Broad Based Nuclear Engineering Track Program
Texas A&M, Texas Engineering Experiment Station Infrastructure Enhancement Via Optical, Ultrasonic and Thermal Imaging Equipment
University of Alabama Infrastructure for an Actinide Chemistry Laboratory for Research and Education Emphasizing Safety, Crystallography, and Spectroscopy/Electrochemistry
University of California, Berkeley Department of Nuclear Engineering Infrastructure Upgrade Request: Materials Property Characterization and Advanced Scientific Computing
University of Colorado Materials Thermophysical Properties Analysis and Characterization for Nuclear Engineering
University of Florida Multi-User Thermophysical Characterization System for Nuclear Energy University Program Research, Training, and Education
University of Idaho Request to Enhance Experimental and Computational Capabilities to Support Nuclear Energy Research and Development
University of Illinois, Urbana – Champaign A Neutron Source and Imaging Facility
University of Michigan New Laboratory for Research and Teaching in Nuclear Nonproliferation
University of Missouri Support and Enhancement of Capabilities in Fission Product Transport Education and Research
University of Nevada, Reno Infrastructure Support for Electron Microscopic Facility for Characterization of Irradiated Materials and Collaborative Research in Advanced Nuclear Materials
University of New Mexico University of New Mexico Nuclear Engineering Infrastructure Proposal
University of Rhode Island Nuclear Radiation Measurements Laboratory
University of South Carolina Advanced Nuclear Materials Laboratory Enhancements
University of Tennessee The Nuclear Engineering Department at University of Tennessee will Utilize the Infrastructure Funds to Expand and Revitalize its Laboratories Used for Course Instruction and Faculty-Led Research
University of Wisconsin, Madison Advanced Nuclear Technology Development Infrastructure
Utah State University Thermophysical Property Determination at Microscale for Nuclear Materials
Washington State University Proposal to Fund the Purchase of a Single Crystal X-Ray Diffractometer for the Washington State University Radiochemistry Program
Wilberforce University General Scientific Infrastructure Support for Nuclear Engineering at Wilberforce University and Central State University