FY 2012 IRP Pre-Solicitation Workshop Presentations

The IRP Pre-Solicitation Workshop was held on May 2 in Washington D.C. Presentations from the workshop, including descriptions and details on the three IRP Technical Work Scopes can be found below. 




1:00 pm Overview of Nuclear Reactor Technologies Portfolio for the FY 2012 NEUP IRP Pre-Solicitation Workshop
Richard Reister, Office of Light Water Reactor Technologies
1:30 pm Fuel Cycle Technologies Perspectives
John W. Herczeg, Associate Deputy Assistant Secretary, Fuel Cycle Technologies
2:00 pm Advanced Nuclear-Cladding and Fuel Materials with Enhanced Accident Tolerance for Current Generation & GEN III+ LWRs
Bradley Williams, Program Manager, Advanced Fuels, Office of Fuel Cycle R&D
2:30 pm Nuclear Energy University Programs Used Nuclear Fuel Storage IRP
Syed A. Bokhari, Project Manager, Office of Used Nuclear Fuel Disposition Research & Development
3:00 pm Integrated Research Project (IRP) on Inherently Safe Light Water Reactor (LWR)
Richard Reister, Office of Nuclear Reactor Technologies
3:30 pm Integrated Research Project (IRP) Process
Greg Bala, Relationship Manager, NEUP Integration Office
4:00 pm Question and Answer Session


FY 2012 IRP Pre-Solicitation Workshop Video