Explanation of Scoring Categories for Relevancy and Technical Reviews

All proposals are scored on criteria stipulated in the current solicitation. NEUP conducts two separate reviews on each proposal: a relevancy review and a technical review. NEUP's scoring categories for the two reviews are listed below.


R&D Review Scoring Categories
Relevancy Technical
1. Unquestionably Relevant/Unquestionable Program Priority 1. High Merit
2. Highly Relevant/High Program Priority 2. Moderate Merit
3. Relevant/Intermediate Program Priority 3. Low Merit
4. Low Relevance/Low Program Priority 4. No Merit
5. Not Relevant/No Program Priority  


Each workscope area defines its own competitive range; therefore, competitive scores will be different for each workscope area.

For more information about the review process and scoring criteria refer to the 2012 R&D Request for Pre-Applications in the 2012 Archive on www.neup.gov.