NEUP 2011 R&D Award Abstracts



Fuel Cycle Research and Development
Radionuclide Incorporation and Long Term Performance of Apatite Waste FormsUniversity of Michigan$862,500
Microemulsions and Aggregation Formation in Extraction Processes for Used Nuclear Fuel: Thermodynamics and Structural StudiesUniversity of California, Irvine$972,089
Sorption Modeling and Verification for Off-Gas TreatmentSyracuse University$1,000,000
In-Pile Instrumentation Multi-Parameter System Utilizing Photonic Fibers and NanovisionIdaho State University$1,199,990
Development of Advanced High Uranium Density Fuels for Light Water ReactorsUniversity of Wisconsin-Madison$1,000,000
Optimized Processing Fabrication Paths for Larger Heats of Nanostructured Ferritic AlloysUniversity of California, Santa Barbara$1,000,000
Basic Physics Data: Measurement of Neutron Multiplicity from Induced FissionUniversity of Michigan$925,167
Plasmonically Cloaked and Metamaterial Neutron ScintillatorsIdaho State University$800,000
Actinide Foil Production for MPACT ResearchUniversity of Nevada-Las Vegas$156,897
Enriched Boron-Doped Amorphous Selenium Based Position-Sensitive Solid-State Thermal Neutron Detector for MPACT ApplicationsUniversity of South Carolina$1,000,000
Anisotropic Azimuthal Power and Temperature Distribution on Fuel Rod: Impact of Hydride DistributionPennsylvania State University$631,956
Life Prediction of Spent Fuel Storage Canister MaterialMassachusetts Institute of Technology$675,442
Quantification of Cation Sorption to Engineered Barrier Materials Under Extreme ConditionsClemson University$1,000,000
Developing the User Experience for a Next Generation Nuclear Fuel Cycle SimulatorUniversity of Wisconsin-Madison$1,200,000
Reactor Concepts Research Development and Demonstration (RCRD&D)
Self-Sustaining Thorium Boiling Water ReactorsUniversity of California, Berkeley$1,145,932
Pebble Fuel Handling and Reactivity Control for Salt-Cooled High Temperature ReactorsUniversity of California, Berkeley$612,721
High Fluency Low Flux Embrittlement Models of LWR Reactor Pressure Vessel Embrittlement and a Supporting Database from the UCSB ATR-2 Irradiation ExperimentUniversity of California, Santa Barbara$1,199,607
Methodology Development for Passive Component Reliability Modeling in a Multi-Physics Simulation EnvironmentThe Ohio State University$533,457
Development and Validation of a Lifecycle-based Prognostics Architecture with Test Bed ValidationUniversity of Tennessee$846,315
A Research Program for Fission Product/Dust Transport in HTGR'sUniversity of Missouri-Columbia$1,157,367
Modeling and Test Validation of a Reactor Cavity Cooling System with AirUniversity of Wisconsin-Madison$1,199,988
Experimental Investigation of Convection and Heat Transfer in the Reactor Core for a VHTRCity College of New York$1,118,856
Graphite Microstructural Characterization Using Time-Domain and Correlation-Based UltrasonicsJohns Hopkins University$1,199,997
Ag Transport Through Non-Irradiated and Irradiated SiCUniversity of Wisconsin-Madison$1,055,456
Transient Mixed Convection Validation for NGNPUtah State University$635,860
Critical Heat Flux Phenomena at High Pressure and Low Mass Fluxes: Tests and ModelsUniversity of Wisconsin-Madison$1,199,781
Nuclear Energy Advanced Modeling and Simulation (NEAMS)
Multiscale Modeling and Uncertainty Quantification for Nuclear Fuel PerformanceColorado State University$1,098,250
Phenomena-based Uncertainty Quantification in Predictive Coupled-Physics Reactor SimulationsTexas A&M University$1,098,250
Development of an Efficient Meso-Scale Multi-Phase Flow Solver in Nuclear ApplicationsCity College of New York$505,858
Fundamental Studies of the Role of Grain Boundaries on Uniform Corrosion of Advanced Nuclear Reactor MaterialsDrexel University$1,098,250
Characterization of Modeling of Grain Boundary Chemistry Evolution in Ferritic Steels Under IrradiationUniversity of Michigan$1,098,250
Mission Supporting Transformative Research
Selectivity in Ligand Binding to Uranyl Compounds: A Synthetic, Structural, Thermodynamic and Computational StudyUniversity of California-Berkeley$500,000
Enhancement of the Extraction of Uranium from SeawaterUniversity of Maryland$400,000
Rapid Computer Aided Ligand Design and Screening of Precious Metal Extractants from TRUEX Raffinate with Experimental ValidationWashington State University$500,000
Recovery of Uranium from Seawater: Preparation and Development of Polymer-Supported ExtractantsCity College of New York, Hunter$363,716
Preparation of High Purity, High Molecular-Weight Chitin from Ionic Liquids for Use as an Adsorbate for the Extraction of Uranium from SeawaterUniversity of Alabama$338,260
Development of Novel Sorbents for Uranium Extraction from SeawaterUniversity of North Carolina, Chapel Hill$400,000
Innovative Elution Processes for Recovering Uranium from SeawaterUniversity of Idaho$400,000
Feasibility and Safety Assessment for Advanced Reactor Concepts Using Vented FuelOregon State University $600,000
Improved Safety Margin Characterization of Risk from Loss of Offsite PowerTexas A&M University$600,000
Transient Safety Analysis of Fast Spectrum TRU Burning LWR with Internal BlanketsUniversity of Michigan$599,475
Radiation Behavior of High-Entropy Alloys for Advanced ReactorsUniversity of Tennessee$538,159
Diffusion, Thermal Properties and chemical Compatibilities of Select MAX Phases with Materials for Advanced Nuclear SystemsDrexel University$535,927
Development of Austenitic ODS Strengthened Alloys for Very High Temperature ApplicationsUniversity of Illinois-Urbana Champaign$538,154
Correlates of Sensitive TechnologiesTexas A&M University$509,467
Pathway Aggregation in the Risk Assessment of Proliferation Resistance and Physical Protection (PR&PP) of Nuclear Energy SystemsThe Ohio State University$534,471
A High Temperature-Tolerant and Radiation-Resistant In-Core Neutron Sensor for Advanced ReactorsThe Ohio State University$455,629
High Temperature Transducers for Online Monitoring of Microstructure EvolutionPennsylvania State University$455,628
NEUP: One-Dimensional Nanostructures for Neutron DetectionNorth Carolina State University$455,629
Laser-Arc Hybrid Welding of Thick Section Ni-base Alloys- Advanced Modeling and ExperimentsPennsylvania State University$536,117
Development of Seismic Isolation Systems Using Periodic MaterialsUniversity of Houston$538,154
Total of All Awards$39,027,022

*Actual project funding will be established during the contract negotiations phase.