NEUP 2010 R&D Abstracts
Fuel Cycle Research and Development
Title University Total University Funding Final Report
Alpha Radiolysis of Nuclear Solvent Extraction Ligands used for An(III) and Ln(III) Separations California State University, Long Beach $1,390,252  
Predictive Maturity of Multi-Scale Simulation Models for Fuel Performance Clemson University $614,690 NEUP 10-939 Final Report
Freeze-casting as a Novel Manufacturing Process for Fast Reactor Fuels Drexel University $1,149,327 NEUP 10-848 Final Report
Fuel Performance Experiments on the Atomistic Level, Studying Fuel Through Engineered Single Crystal UO2 Idaho State University $650,000 NEUP 10-928 Final Report
Exploration and Modeling of Structural Changes in Waste Glass under Corrosion Pennsylvania State University $1,377,444 NEUP 10-911 Final Report
Development of A Self Biased High Efficiency Solid-State Neutron Detector for MPACT Applications Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute $810,141 NEUP 10-852 Final Report
Development of a Innovative High Thermal Conductivity UO 2 Ceramic Composites Fuel Pellets with Carbon Nano-Tubes Using Spark Plasma Sintering University of Florida $894,042 NEUP 10-917 Final Report
Evaluation of materials for interim storage of spent fuel for more than 100 years University of Michigan $931,603 NEUP 10-961 Final Report
Implementation of On-the-Fly Doppler Broadening in MCNP5 for Multiphysics Simulation of Nuclear Reactors University of Michigan $406,712 NEUP 10-897 Final Report
Methods and tools to allow molecular flow simulations to be coupled to higher level continuum descriptions of flows in porous/fractured media and aerosol/dust dynamics University of Missouri-Columbia $541,286 NEUP 10-964 Final Report
Characterization and Modeling of Materials for Kr-Xe Separations University of Nevada-Las Vegas $989,800  
Modeling Solute Thermokinetics in LiCl-KCl Molten Salt for Nuclear Waste Separation University of Wisconsin-Madison $616,073 NEUP 10-938 Final Report
Advanced Aqueous Separation Systems for Actinide Partitioning: Develop Fundamental Understanding of An(III)/Ln(III) Separation Washington State University $1,451,784 NEUP 10-881 Final Report
Generation IV
Consistent Multigroup Theory Enabling Accurate Coarse-Group Simulation of GenIV Reactors Georgia Institute of Technology $1,046,277 NEUP 10-941 Final Report
Studies of Deteriorated Heat Transfer in Prismatic Cores Stemming from Irradiation-Induced Geometry Distortion Idaho State University $1,287,921  
Carbide Coatings for Nickel Alloys, Graphite, and Carbon/Carbon Composites to be Used in Fluoride Salt Valves Johns Hopkins University $1,183,239  
Design, Testing, and Modeling of the Direct Reactor Auxiliary Cooling System for AHTRs Ohio State University $1,366,627 NEUP 10-951 Final Report 
Monitoring microstructural evolution of Alloy 617 with nonlinear acoustics for remaining useful life prediction; multiaxial creep-fatigue and creep-ratcheting Pennsylvania State University $1,000,000 NEUP 10-915 Final Report
Development and Validation of Multidimensional Models of Supercritical CO 2 Energy Conversion Systems for Nuclear Power Reactors Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute $475,005 NEUP 10-930 Final Report
Microstructure and Property Evolution in Advanced Cladding and Duct Materials Under Long-Term and Elevated Temperature Irradiation: Modeling and Experimental Investigation University of California-Berkeley $1,320,667 NEUP 10-888 Final Report
Development of Barrier Layers for the Protection of Candidate Alloys in the VHTR University of California-Santa Barbara $995,232 NEUP 10-963 Final Report
Investigation of a Novel NDE Method for Monitoring Thermo-Mechanical Damage and Microstructure Evolution in Ferritic-Martensitic Steels for Generation IV Nuclear Energy Systems University of Cincinnati $833,109 NEUP 10-849 Final Report
Fission Product Transport in TRISO Particle Layers under Operating and Off-Normal Conditions University of Michigan $966,581 NEUP 10-924 Final Report
Microstructure and Property Evolution in Advanced Cladding and Duct Materials Under Long-Term Irradiation at Elevated Temperature: Critical Experiments University of Michigan $1,181,379 NEUP 10-678 Final Report
Three-dimensional NDE of VHTR Core Components via Simulation-based Testing University of Minnesota $1,366,163 NEUP 10-682 Final Report
Failure Predictions for VHTR Core Components using a Probabilistic Continuum Damage Mechanics Model University of Minnesota $854,542 NEUP 10-875 Final Report
Development of a Microspot Fast Neutron Irradiation Platform for Examining the Correlation Between Local Neutron Damage and Graphite Microstructure University of Missouri-Columbia $703,064 NEUP 10-884 Final Report
Development of Thermal Transient Flow Rate Sensors for High Temperature, Irradiation, Corrosive Environment University of Nevada-Las Vegas $451,269 NEUP 10-959 Final Report
Novel Methods of Tritium Sequestration: High Temperature Gettering and Separation Membrane Materials Discovery for Nuclear Energy Systems University of South Carolina $1,366,626 NEUP 10-681 Final Report
Precursor Derived Nanostructured Si-C-X Materials for Nuclear Applications University of Washington $899,518 NEUP 10-918 Final Report
Heat Transfer Salts for Nuclear Reactor Systems - Chemistry Control, Corrosion Mitigation, and Modeling University of Wisconsin-Madison $1,352,040 NEUP 10-905 Final Report
Pulsed Magnetic Welding for Advanced Core and Cladding Steels University of Wisconsin-Madison $525,206 NEUP 10-925 Final Report
Corrosion in Supercritical Carbon Dioxide: Materials, Environmental Purity, Surface Treatments, and Flow Issues University of Wisconsin-Madison $651,447 NEUP 10-872 Final Report
Light Water Reactor Sustainability
Multiscale Concrete Modeling for Aging Degradation Mississippi State University $345,941  
Development of an advanced computational fluid dynamics technology for the next-generation nuclear reactor system analysis and safety margin characterization code North Carolina State University $418,199 NEUP 10-886 Final Report
Mission Relevant Investigator Initiated Research
Development and Testing of an Open-Loop Oscillator for Small Reactivity Worth Samples Idaho State University $597,252  NEUP 10-889 Final Report
Advancing the Underlying Science of Radiation-Tolerant Refractory Materials for Nuclear Energy Systems North Carolina State University $1,129,304  
Understanding the Irradiation Behavior of Zirconium Carbide Pennsylvania State University $870,613 NEUP 10-679 Final Report
Modeling investigation of the stability and irradiation-induced evolution of nanoscale precipitates in advanced structural materials University of Tennessee-Knoxville $380,653 NEUP 10-906 Final Report
Investigation of Laser Shock Peening for Enhancing Fatigue and Stress Corrosion Cracking Resistance of Nuclear Energy Materials University of Cincinnati $1,242,019  
Irradiation Accelerated Corrosion of Reactor Core Materials University of Michigan $798,943 NEUP 10-677 Final Report
Study of Interfacial Interactions using Thin Film Surface Modification: Radiation and Oxidation Effects in Materials University of Wisconsin-Madison $538,032 NEUP 10-921 Final Report