NEUP 2010 R&D Abstracts
Title University Total University Funding
Fuel Cycle Research and Development
Alpha Radiolysis of Nuclear Solvent Extraction Ligands used for An(III) and Ln(III) Separations California State University, Long Beach $1,390,252
Predictive Maturity of Multi-Scale Simulation Models for Fuel Performance Clemson University $614,690
Freeze-casting as a Novel Manufacturing Process for Fast Reactor Fuels Drexel University $1,149,327
Fuel Performance Experiments on the Atomistic Level, Studying Fuel Through Engineered Single Crystal UO2 Idaho State University $650,000
Exploration and Modeling of Structural Changes in Waste Glass under Corrosion Pennsylvania State University $1,377,444
Development of A Self Biased High Efficiency Solid-State Neutron Detector for MPACT Applications Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute $810,141
Development of a Innovative High Thermal Conductivity UO 2 Ceramic Composites Fuel Pellets with Carbon Nano-Tubes Using Spark Plasma Sintering University of Florida $894,042
Evaluation of materials for interim storage of spent fuel for more than 100 years University of Michigan $931,603
Implementation of On-the-Fly Doppler Broadening in MCNP5 for Multiphysics Simulation of Nuclear Reactors University of Michigan $406,712
Methods and tools to allow molecular flow simulations to be coupled to higher level continuum descriptions of flows in porous/fractured media and aerosol/dust dynamics University of Missouri-Columbia $541,286
Characterization and Modeling of Materials for Kr-Xe Separations University of Nevada-Las Vegas $989,800
Modeling Solute Thermokinetics in LiCl-KCl Molten Salt for Nuclear Waste Separation University of Wisconsin-Madison $616,073
Advanced Aqueous Separation Systems for Actinide Partitioning: Develop Fundamental Understanding of An(III)/Ln(III) Separation Washington State University $1,451,784
Generation IV
Consistent Multigroup Theory Enabling Accurate Coarse-Group Simulation of GenIV Reactors Georgia Institute of Technology $1,046,277
Studies of Deteriorated Heat Transfer in Prismatic Cores Stemming from Irradiation-Induced Geometry Distortion Idaho State University $1,287,921
Carbide Coatings for Nickel Alloys, Graphite, and Carbon/Carbon Composites to be Used in Fluoride Salt Valves Johns Hopkins University $1,183,239
Design, Testing, and Modeling of the Direct Reactor Auxiliary Cooling System for AHTRs Ohio State University $1,366,627
Monitoring microstructural evolution of Alloy 617 with nonlinear acoustics for remaining useful life prediction; multiaxial creep-fatigue and creep-ratcheting Pennsylvania State University $1,000,000
Development and Validation of Multidimensional Models of Supercritical CO 2 Energy Conversion Systems for Nuclear Power Reactors Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute $475,005
Microstructure and Property Evolution in Advanced Cladding and Duct Materials Under Long-Term and Elevated Temperature Irradiation: Modeling and Experimental Investigation University of California-Berkeley $1,320,667
Development of Barrier Layers for the Protection of Candidate Alloys in the VHTR University of California-Santa Barbara $995,232
Investigation of a Novel NDE Method for Monitoring Thermo-Mechanical Damage and Microstructure Evolution in Ferritic-Martensitic Steels for Generation IV Nuclear Energy Systems University of Cincinnati $833,109
Fission Product Transport in TRISO Particle Layers under Operating and Off-Normal Conditions University of Michigan $966,581
Microstructure and Property Evolution in Advanced Cladding and Duct Materials Under Long-Term Irradiation at Elevated Temperature: Critical Experiments University of Michigan $1,181,379
Three-dimensional NDE of VHTR Core Components via Simulation-based Testing University of Minnesota $1,366,163
Failure Predictions for VHTR Core Components using a Probabilistic Continuum Damage Mechanics Model University of Minnesota $854,542
Development of a Microspot Fast Neutron Irradiation Platform for Examining the Correlation Between Local Neutron Damage and Graphite Microstructure University of Missouri-Columbia $703,064
Development of Thermal Transient Flow Rate Sensors for High Temperature, Irradiation, Corrosive Environment University of Nevada-Las Vegas $451,269
Novel Methods of Tritium Sequestration: High Temperature Gettering and Separation Membrane Materials Discovery for Nuclear Energy Systems University of South Carolina $1,366,626
Precursor Derived Nanostructured Si-C-X Materials for Nuclear Applications University of Washington $899,518
Heat Transfer Salts for Nuclear Reactor Systems - Chemistry Control, Corrosion Mitigation, and Modeling University of Wisconsin-Madison $1,352,040
Pulsed Magnetic Welding for Advanced Core and Cladding Steels University of Wisconsin-Madison $525,206
Corrosion in Supercritical Carbon Dioxide: Materials, Environmental Purity, Surface Treatments, and Flow Issues University of Wisconsin-Madison $651,447
Light Water Reactor Sustainability
Multiscale Concrete Modeling for Aging Degradation Mississippi State University $345,941
Development of an advanced computational fluid dynamics technology for the next-generation nuclear reactor system analysis and safety margin characterization code North Carolina State University $418,199
Mission Relevant Investigator Initiated Research
Development and Testing of an Open-Loop Oscillator for Small Reactivity Worth Samples Idaho State University $597,252
Advancing the Underlying Science of Radiation-Tolerant Refractory Materials for Nuclear Energy Systems North Carolina State University $1,129,304
Understanding the Irradiation Behavior of Zirconium Carbide Pennsylvania State University $870,613
Modeling investigation of the stability and irradiation-induced evolution of nanoscale precipitates in advanced structural materials University of California-Berkley $380,653
Investigation of Laser Shock Peening for Enhancing Fatigue and Stress Corrosion Cracking Resistance of Nuclear Energy Materials University of Cincinnati $1,242,019
Irradiation Accelerated Corrosion of Reactor Core Materials University of Michigan $798,943
Study of Interfacial Interactions using Thin Film Surface Modification: Radiation and Oxidation Effects in Materials University of Wisconsin-Madison $538,032