FY 2009 R&D Awards

Advanced Fuel Cycle Initiative (AFCI)

Title Organization Final Report
Fundamental Understanding of Ambient and High-Temperature Plasticity Phenomena in Structural Materials in Advanced Reactors Georgia Institute of Technology NEUP 09-806 Final Report
Advanced Elastic/Inelastic Nuclear Data Development Project Idaho State University NEUP 09-829 Final Report
Heterogeneous Recycling in Fast Reactors Massachusetts Institute of Technology NEUP 09-811 Final Report
Thermodynamic Development of Corrosion Rate Modeling in Iron Phosphate Glasses Missouri University of Science and Technology NEUP 09-800 Final Report
Development of Subspace-Based Hybrid Monte Carlo-Deterministic Algorithms for Reactor Physics Calculations North Carolina State University NEUP 09-804 Final Report
SiC Schottky Diode Detectors for Measurement of Actinide Concentrations from Alpha Activities in Molten Salt Electrolyte Ohio State University NEUP 09-842 Final Report
Simulations of Failure via Three-Dimensional Cracking in Fuel Cladding for Advanced Nuclear Fuels Oklahoma State University NEUP 09-818 Final Report
Improvements to Nuclear Data and Its Uncertainties by Theoretical Modeling Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (Troy, NY) NEUP 09-783 Final Report
Sharp Interface Tracking in Rotating Microflows of Solvent Extraction State University of New York at Stony Brook NEUP 09-791 Final Report
Bulk Nanostructured FCC Steels with Enhanced Radiation Tolerance Texas A&M University NEUP 09-814 Final Report
Fuel Performance Experiments and Modeling: Fission Gas Bubble Nucleation and Growth in Alloy Nuclear Fuels Texas A&M University NEUP 09-816 Final Report
Computational Design of Advanced Nuclear Fuels University of California, Davis NEUP 09-782 Final Report
Data Collection Methods For Validation of Advanced Multi-Resolution Fast Reactor Simulations University of Idaho NEUP 09-828 Final Report
Simulations of the Thermodynamic and Diffusion Properties of Actinide Oxide Fuel Materials University of Michigan NEUP 09-809 Final Report
Adsorptive Separation and Sequestration of Krypton, I and C14 on Diamond Nanoparticles University of Missouri, Columbia NEUP 09-825 Final Report
Development of Alternative Technetium Waste Forms University of Nevada, Las Vegas NEUP 09-821 Final Report
Quantification of UV-Visible and Laser Spectroscopic Techniques for Materials Accountability and Process Control University of Nevada, Las Vegas NEUP 09-820 Final Report
High-Fidelity Space-Time Adaptive Multiphysics Simulations in Nuclear Engineering University of Nevada, Reno NEUP 09-795 Final Report
Advanced Mesh-Enabled Monte Carlo Capability for Multi-Physics Reactor Analysis University of Wisconsin, Madison NEUP 09-786 Final Report
Ab Initio Enhanced Calphad Modeling of Actinide Rich Nuclear Fuels University of Wisconsin, Madison NEUP 09-787 Final Report
Development of Diffusion Barrier Coatings and Deposition Technologies for Mitigating Fuel Cladding Chemical Interactions (FCCI) University of Wisconsin, Madison NEUP 09-779 Final Report
Thermal Properties of LiCl-KCl Molten Salt for Nuclear Waste Separation University of Wisconsin, Madison NEUP 09-780 Final Report


Next Generation Nuclear Plant (NGNP)/Generation IV Nuclear Systems

Title Organization Final Report
Irradiation Creep in Graphite Boise State University NEUP 09-794 Final Report
Modeling the Stress Strain Relationships and Predicting Failure Probabilities For Graphite Core Components Cleveland State University NEUP 09-838 Final Report
TRISO-Coated Fuel Durability Under Extreme Conditions Colorado School of Mines NEUP 09-813 Final Report
An Innovative and Advanced Coupled Neutron Transport and Thermal Hydraulic Method (Tool) for the Design, Analysis and Optimization of VHTR/NGNP Prismatic Reactors Georgia Institute of Technology NEUP 09-764 Final Report
Removal of 14C from Irradiated Graphite for Graphite Recycle and Waste Volume Reduction Idaho State University NEUP 09-844 Final Report
Millimeter-Wave Thermal Analysis Development and Application to Gen IV Reactor Materials Massachusetts Institute of Technology NEUP-09-833 Final Report
Accurate Development of Thermal Neutron Scattering Cross Section Libraries North Carolina State University NEUP 09-770 Final Report
Understanding Creep Mechanisms in Graphite with Experiments, Multiscale Simulations, and Modeling North Carolina State University NEUP 09-796 Final Report
Multiaxial creep-fatigue and creep-ratcheting failures of Grade 91 and Haynes 230 alloys toward addressing the design issues of Gen IV nuclear power plants North Carolina State University NEUP 09-832 Final Report
Verification & Validation of High-Order Short-Characteristics-Based Deterministic Transport Methodology on Unstructured Grids North Carolina State University NEUP 09-798 Final Report
Microscale Heat Conduction Models and Doppler Feedback North Carolina State University NEUP 09-843 Final Report
Optimizing Neutron Thermal Scattering Effects in Very High Temperature Reactors North Carolina State University NEUP 09-822 Final Report
Investigation of Countercurrent Helium-air Flows in Air-ingress Accidents for VHTRs Ohio State University NEUP 09-784 Final Report
Testing of Performance of Optical Fibers Under Irradiation in Intense Radiation Fields, When Subjected to Very High Temperatures Ohio State University NEUP 09-819 Final Report
Non Destructive Thermal Analysis and In Situ Investigation of Creep Mechanism of Graphite and Ceramic Composites using Phase-sensitive THz Imaging & Nonlinear Resonant Ultrasonic Spectroscopy Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute NEUP 09-831 Final Report
A Distributed Fiber Optic Sensor Network for Online 3-D Temperature and Neutron Fluence Mapping in a VHTR Environment Texas A&M University NEUP 09-808 Final Report
Investigation on the Core Bypass Flow in a Very High Temperature Reactor Texas A&M University NEUP 09-840 Final Report
CFD Model Development and Validation for High Temperature Gas Cooled Reactor Cavity Cooling System (RCCS) Applications Texas A&M University NEUP 09-817 Final Report
Study of Air ingress across the duct during the accident conditions Texas A&M University NEUP 09-841 Final Report
Verification of the CENTRM Module for Adaptation of the SCALE Code to NGNP Prismatic and PBR Core Designs University of Arizona NEUP 09-807 Final Report
Integral and Separate Effects Tests for Thermal Hydraulics Code Validation for Liquid-Salt Cooled Nuclear Reactors University of California, Berkeley NEUP 09-789 Final Report
Mechanisms Governing the Creep Behavior of High Temperature Alloys for Generation IV Nuclear Energy Systems University of Cincinnati NEUP 09-776 Final Report
ALD Produced B2O3, Al2O3 and TiO2 Coatings on Gd2O3 Burnable Poison Nanoparticles University of Colorado, Boulder NEUP 09-765 Final Report
Experimental Study and Computational Simulations of Key Pebble Bed Thermomechanics Issues for Design and Safety University of Idaho NEUP 09-810 Final Report
Prediction and Monitoring Systems of Creep-Fracture Behavior of 9Cr-1Mo Steels for Reactor Pressure Vessels University of Idaho NEUP 09-835 Final Report
Understanding Fundamental Material Degradation Processes in High Temperature Aggressive Chemomechanical Environments University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign NEUP 09-826 Final Report
Multi-Scale Multi-physics Methods Development for the Calculation of Hot-Spots in the NGNP University of Michigan NEUP 09-812 Final Report
Corrosion and Creep of Candidate Alloys in High Temperature Helium and Steam Environments for the NGNP University of Michigan NEUP 09-768 Final Report
Creation of a Full-Core HTR Benchmark with the Fort St. Vrain Initial Core and Validation of the DHF Method with Helios for NGNP Configurations University of Michigan NEUP 09-771 Final Report
Fission Product Sorptivity in Graphite University of Missouri, Columbia NEUP 09-827 Final Report
Identifying and Understanding Environment-Induced Crack Propagation Behavior in Ni-Based Superalloy INCONEL 617 University of Nevada, Las Vegas NEUP 09-803 Final Report
Graphite Oxidation Simulation in HTR Accident Conditions University of New Mexico NEUP 09-830 Final Report
Tritium Sequestration in Gen IV NGNP Gas Stream via Proton Conducting Ceramic Pumps University of South Carolina NEUP 09-801 Final Report
Materials, Turbomachinery and Heat Exchangers for Supercritical CO2 Systems University of Wisconsin, Madison NEUP 09-778 Final Report
Experimental Studies of NGNP Reactor Cavity Cooling System with Water University of Wisconsin, Madison NEUP 09-781 Final Report
Assessment of Embrittlement of VHTR Structural Alloys in Impure Helium Environments University of Wisconsin, Madison NEUP 09-785 Final Report
Modeling Fission Product Sorption in Graphite Structures University of Wisconsin, Madison NEUP 09-788 Final Report
Liquid Salt Heat Exchanger Technology for VHTR Based Applications University of Wisconsin, Madison NEUP 09-777 Final Report
Effect of Post-Weld Heat Treatment on Creep Rupture Properties of Grade 91 Steel Heavy Section Welds Utah State University NEUP 09-799 Final Report


Investigator-Initiated Research (IIR)

Title Organization Final Report
Neutron Damage and MAX Phase Ternary Compounds Drexel University NEUP 09-790 Final Report
Maximum Fuel Utilization in Fast Reactors without Chemical Reprocessing University of California, Berkeley NEUP 09-769 Final Report
Developing a High Thermal Conductivity Fuel with Silicon Carbide Additives University of Florida NEUP 09-773 Final Report
Fabrication of Tungsten-Rhenium Cladding Materials via Spark Plasma Sintering for Ultra High Temperature Reactor Applications University of Idaho NEUP 09-775 Final Report
Ionic Liquid and Supercritical Fluid Hyphenated Techniques for Dissolution and Separation of Lanthanides, Actinides, and Fission Products University of Idaho NEUP 09-805 Final Report
Utilization of Methacrylates and Polymer Matrices for the Synthesis of Ion Specific Resins University of Nevada, Las Vegas NEUP 09-824 Final Report
Improved LWR Cladding Performance by EPD Surface Modification Technique University of Wisconsin, Madison NEUP 09-766 Final Report
Atomistic Calculations of the Effect of Minor Actinides on Thermodynamic and Kinetic Properties of UO2+x Georgia Institute of Technology NEUP 09-823 Final Report
Improved Fission Neutron Data Base for Active Interrogation of Actinides University of Michigan NEUP 09-802 Final Report


Light Water Reactor Sustainability (LWRS)

Title Organization Final Report
Advanced Models of LWR Pressure Vessel Embrittlement for Low Flux-High Fluence Conditions University of California, Santa Barbara NEUP 09-834 Final Report