National University Consortium
National University Consortium

National University Consortium

Idaho National Laboratory established a National Universities Consortium (NUC) in 2005 with Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Oregon State University, North Carolina State University, Ohio State University and University of New Mexico. The goal of the NUC is to engage in collaborative research that strengthens the portfolios of INL and the universities and further the nation's strategic nuclear energy objectives.

Working closely with INL project personnel, the universities will bring their expertise, in collaboration with the other NUC universities, to further the goals of two high priority INL projects:

  • Modeling, Co-Simulation and Optimization of Dynamic Energy Systems (Hybrid Energy Systems Design)
  • Multi-scale, Multi-physics Modeling (MOOSE, RATTLESNAKE, BADGER, MAMMOTH, RAVEN, etc.) – Model Development and Validation.

Each project will be led by an INL project lead or researcher that will collaborate with a researcher from one or more of the partner universities. This teaming will foster project related collaboration across the five NUC universities to bring to bear the collective experience, capabilities, and wisdom of these institutions to solve problems and improve performance in the identified projects.  The general philosophy in establishing these partnerships between the NUC universities and the major research divisions is to stimulate innovative research that will help position INL to better achieve its mission.

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