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DOE-owned Spent Nuclear Program Strategic Plan

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Date of Issue - September 1996

Spent Fuel Covered by this Plan
  • DOE-owned Spent Nuclear Fuel (SNF)
  • SNF returned to the United States from Foreign Research Reactors.
Objectives and Strategies
  • Remove remaining vulnerabilities
  • Make as much spent fuel as possible ready for disposal
  • Substantially reduce the cost of continued storage
  • Eliminate and manage the most serious risks
  • Reduce mortgage and support costs, making funds available for further risk reduction
  • Protect worker health and safety
  • Reduce generation of wastes
  • Create a collaborative relationship between DOE and its regulators and stakeholders
  • Focus technology development on cost and risk reduction
  • Strengthen management and financial control
Vision of the Future - 2006
  • Any needed dry handling facilities and dry storage facilities in place, and the majority of the DOE-owned SNF transferred to dry storage
  • Prepared the SNF for disposition in a geologic repository
  • Processed at Savannah River all the degraded fuel and targets approved for such processing
  • Resolved or eliminated vulnerabilities identified in Plans of Action to Resolve SNF Vulnerabilities
  • Successfully safeguarded highly enriched uranium (HEU) from Foreign Research Reactors that could be used to manufacture nuclear weapons
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