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NSNFP Procedures

NSNFP Procedures
Document NumberDocument TitleRevision NumberEffective Date
INTRODUCTIONIntroduction and Glossary502/06/09
NSNFP 1.03Resolution of Quality Disputes210/22/04
NSNFP 2.04Personnel Indoctrination and Proficiency Training806/29/07
NSNFP 2.05Planning/Quality Assurance Program Applicability Evaluations802/25/10
NSNFP 2.07Preparing the NSNFP Quality Assurance Program Plan and QARD Requirements Matrix302/25/10
NSNFP 2.08Verification of Personnel Experience310/22/04
NSNFP 2.09Self-Assessment202/06/09
NSNFP 3.01Design Control303/27/08
NSNFP 3.03Engineering Analysis503/27/08
NSNFP 3.04Engineering Documentation703/27/08
NSNFP 4.02Aquiring Services302/06/09
NSNFP 5.01Preparing Draft Procedures1002/25/10
NSNFP 5.05Developing Forms202/25/10
NSNFP 6.01Review and Approval of NSNFP Internal Documents1303/27/08
NSNFP 6.03Managing Document Control and Distribution210/22/04
NSNFP 6.04Review of External Documents210/22/04
NSNFP 7.02Evaluation of Services From Government Sector Suppliers203/27/08
NSNFP 7.03Acceptance of Products From Government Sector Suppliers203/27/08
NSNFP 11.01Testing403/27/08
NSNFP 16.02Corrective Action802/06/09
NSNFP 16.03Quality Assurance Trending310/22/04
NSNFP 16.04Stop Work310/22/04
NSNFP 17.01Records Management-Collecting QA Records603/27/08
NSNFP 17.03Records Management-Facility Description and Practices309/30/05
NSNFP 18.01Planning and Scheduling Assessments602/06/09
NSNFP 18.02Administration and Conduct of Audits910/22/04
NSNFP 18.03Administration and Conduct of Surveillances710/22/04
NSNFP 18.04Qualification of Audit Personnel710/22/04
NSNFP 19.01Software Control503/27/08
NSNFP 19.02Management of the Spent Fuel Database503/27/08
NSNFP 19.03Control of the Electronic Management of Information110/22/04
Program Summary Documents
Document NumberDocument TitleRevision NumberEffective Date
DOE/SNF/MTX-001NSNFP QARD Requirements Matrix1602/25/10
DOE/SNF/QAPP-001NSNFP Quality Assurance Program Plan502/06/09
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