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Located at the Idaho National Laboratory, the program collaborates with other DOE laboratories to develop and deploy technologies that address DOE spent nuclear fuel management needs. By coordinating common needs for research, technology development, and testing programs, the National Spent Nuclear Fuel Program is achieving cost efficiencies and eliminating redundant activities.

The National Spent Nuclear Fuel Program is currently addressing needs in four distinct areas of spent nuclear fuel management.

Efficient packaging and transportation

Standardized Spent Nuclear Fuel Canister
Pre-closure Safety Analysis
Inelastic Analysis Capability  

Interim and long-term storage

Storage of DOE High Level Radioactive Waste
Storage of DOE SNF at the Idaho National Laboratory
Storage of DOE SNF at Hanford
Storage of DOE SNF at the Savannah River Site
Advanced Neutron Absorber
Repository Design and Engineering Support

Accurate characterization

Spent Nuclear Fuel and High Level Waste Analysis
Spent Fuel Database

Compliance with safety and regulatory requirements

Total System Performance Assessment 
Structural Testing  
Criticality Analysis


(Fact Sheets were produced with the assistance of the INL NSNFP Student Action Team.)

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