Materials Characterization

Recent Publications

"Age" determination of irradiated materials utilizing inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometric (ICP-MS) detection. James Sommers, Daniel Cummings, Jeffrey Giglio, Kevin Carney. Journal of Radioanalytical Nuclear Chemistry (2009) 282:591-595

Fission yield measurements by inductively coupled plasma mass-spectrometry. Irina Glagolenko, Bruce Hilton, Jeffrey Giglio, Daniel Cummings. Journal of Radioanalytical Nuclear Chemistry (2009) 282:651-655

Polymer/silicate composites: new materials for subsurface permeable reactive barriers. Masson K. Harrub, Michael G. Jones, Linda Polson, Byron White. Journal Sol-Gel Sci technology (2008) 47:243-251

Characterization of sealed radioactive sources: uncertainty analysis to improve detection methods. Daniel G. Cummings, James D. Sommers, Mary L. Adamic, Marcos Jimenez, Jeffrey J. Giglio, Kevin P. Carney, Karl Grimm. Journal of Radioanalytical nuclear chemistry (2009) 282: 923-928

Characterization of a sealed Americium-Beryllium (AmBe) source by inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry. James Sommers, Marcos Jimenez, Mary Adamic, Jeffrey Giglio, Kevin Carney. J Rad-an Nucl Chem (2009) 282:929-932

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