LWRS Program

LWRS Program

Reliability, Availability, Productivity, Component aging, Safety & Security of existing nuclear power plants


Nuclear Materials Concrete Database

Phase I development of the Nuclear Concrete Materials Database (NCMDB) to support the Light Water Reactor Sustainability Program has been completed and can be accessed at http://ncmdb.extranet.ornl.gov/. The database was developed using the Oak Ridge National Laboratory materials database infrastructure established for the Generation IV Materials Handbook.

In this Phase I development, the database was designed and constructed to manage documents in the Portable Document Format generated from the Structural Materials Handbook that contains nuclear concrete materials data and related information. The completion of the Phase I database has established a solid foundation for Phase II development in which a digital database will be designed and constructed to manage nuclear concrete materials data in various digitized formats to facilitate electronic and mathematical processing for analysis, modeling, and design applications.

Data and information for populating the NCMDB are provided from literature sources and obtaining and testing samples from aged facilities, such as: (1) aging, (2) elevated temperature, (3) irradiation, and (4) migration of hostile species (e.g., Cl-, SO4, CO2).

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