LWRS Program

Risk-Informed Safety Margin Characterization
Research and Development Areas

Margin Analysis Techniques
This research area develops techniques to conduct margins analysis, including the methodology for carrying out simulation-based studies of safety margin for RISMC applications.

Case Study Collaborations
The team is working on specific case studies of interest to the commercial nuclear power plant industry. Case studies include:

  • Boiling water reactor extended power uprates
  • Safety margin-based configuration risk management

RISMC Toolkit
The RISMC Toolkit is being built using the Idaho National Laboratory's Multi-physics Object Oriented Simulation Environment (MOOSE) High Performance Computing framework. MOOSE is the Idaho National Laboratory's development and runtime environment for the solution of multi-physics systems that involve multiple physical models or multiple simultaneous physical phenomena. Models built on the MOOSE framework can be coupled as needed for solving a particular problem.

Contact Information:
Curtis L. Smith (208) 526-9804  curtis.smtih@inl.gov