LWRS Program

R&D Pathway Crosscutting & Integration

The R&D within the LWRS Program is integrated across scientific and technical disciplines in the four R&D pathways.


Technical integration is an important and significant part of the LWRS Program. R&D within the program is integrated across scientific and technical disciplines in the four R&D pathways. The LWRS Program is integrated with outside sources of information and parallel R&D programs in industry, universities, and other laboratories, both domestic and international. Different methods of integration are used depending on the situation and goals.

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Technical Integration

Interfaces between R&D pathways and the required integration across them are naturally defined by common objectives for materials and fuel performance and the system monitoring of their performance. Similarly, interface and integration of the pathways with the RISMC R&D pathway is defined by data and models, which affect performance, monitoring, and control.

Enhanced Modeling as a Crosscutting Activity

The most common theme from all four R&D pathways is use of computer modeling of physical processes or development of a larger system computer model. Extensive use of computer modeling by all four R&D pathways is intended to distill the derived information so that it can be used for further research in other pathways and as the basis for decision-making.

Coordination with other Research Efforts

In order to encourage communication and coordination with outside experts and parallel programs, the LWRS Program will be aware of issues and changes of technical needs that affect long-term, safe, and economical operation of existing operating LWRs, and share information and resources with other professionals and programs that can assist the LWRS Program to provide timelier, less expensive, and better solutions to the needs and issues.

Performance of Technical Integration and Coordination

The LWRS Program will lead and encourage technical integration and coordination of issues affecting the LWR long-term operation program using methods that best match the issue. For known gaps in data, understanding, or technology, the LWRS Program will plan and manage integrated R&D projects through the LWRS Program Technical Integration Office (TIO) and its multiple interfaces.

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