The MOOSE simulation framework has revolutionized predictive modeling in an array of scientific fields.  LDRD funding supported the development of several MOOSE-based applications, which now support multiple DOE research programs, and are licensed for use by 25 domestic and foreign laboratories, universities, and companies.

Advanced Reactor Modeling

INL's Advanced Test Reactor (ATR) can be used as a platform for verification and validation of advanced modeling and simulation and as a research tool to help enhance light water reactor performance. To advance this goal, an LDRD project is creating a new application, called Bighorn, for the Multiphysics Object Oriented Simulation Environment (MOOSE) framework. The physics contained in Bighorn will simulate the mass and energy transport of reactor systems coolant, which is not possible with current modeling tools. Bighorn will enable state-of-the-art modeling of single and multiphase flow, with strong coupling to solid-state heat transfer such as the thermal energy transport in nuclear fuel. This project will help advance ATR modeling and simulation to the forefront of computational methods for nuclear reactor design/analysis, which has applications including light water reactors, Next Generation Nuclear Plant concepts and sodium-cooled fast reactors.