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Eric D. Larsen

Eric D. Larsen is a mechanical engineer at the Idaho National Laboratorywith 19 years of experience in design and integration of electro-mechanical and industrial robotics systems. Mr. Larsen is the chief architect of software integration for the Yucca Mountain Waste Package Closure Welding and Inspection System. He has seven U.S. Patents and is a member of the INL Inventor Hall of Fame.

Timothy McJunkin, M.S.

Timothy McJunkin is an electrical engineer with 18 years of R&D experience in industrial robotics and automated systems, mass spectrometry, intelligent systems and computer hardware. McJunkin is a senior researcher in data fusion for the ICIS Distinctive Signature. He was the technical lead of nondestructive examination development and key contributor in the robotic system development for the Yucca Mountain Waste Package Closure System. His record of achievement includes 16 peer review journal articles, a book chapter and 10 patents.

Corrie Nichol, Ph.D.

Dr. Corrie I. Nichol is a Research Engineer at the Idaho National Laboratory and has over 9 years of R&D experience including robotics and mechatronic systems. He has extensive experience in designing for industrial robotic applications, humanoid robotics systems, and haptic systems. He worked extensively on robotic system design for the Yucca Mountain Project and the Vecna Technologies BEAR robot.

David Pace, M.S.

David P. Pace is a mechanical engineer with more than 16 years of research and design experience. He has led several research and design projects while at INL including the welding and inspections system for the Yucca Mountain Waste Package Closure Project. He also is an expert in the field of applied robotics, design of robot deployed devices, and controls of electro-mechanical systems.

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