National University Consortium

National University Consortium

Workshop on the Analysis of the Risk of Extreme Floods

INEST Nuclear Safety and Licensing CORE
University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, New Mexico.
May 8-9, 2013


Day 1- May 8, 2013
Analysis of the Risk of Extreme Floods- Background, Motivation and Objectives
Rich Denning, The Ohio State University
Overview of Flooding Hazards for Nuclear Power Plants
Rajiv Prasad, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Extreme Predictive Modeling
Curtis Smith, Idaho National Laboratory
Flood Frequency Assessment and Extrapolation to Extreme Events
Rich Denning, The Ohio State University
Dam Failure Analysis
David Bowles, RAC Engineers & Economists/Utah State University

Day 2- May 9, 2013
Challenges in Extreme and Severe Flooding Analysis for Regulatory Risk-Informed Oversight of US Operating Nuclear Reactors at the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission (USNRC)
Fernando Ferrante, US Nuclear Regulatory Commission
Probabilistic Flood Hazard Assessments for Nuclear Facilities: Perspectives on Probabilistic Flood Hazard Assessment
Ken Huffman, Electric Power Research Institute
Elements of a Dynamic Flood Risk Assessment Methodology
Rich Denning, The Ohio State University
Issues in the Treatment of Plant Response in External Flooding Risk Analysis
Karl Fleming, KNF Consulting Services LLC
Description of SSHAC Process
Kevin Coppersmith, Coppersmith Consulting, Inc.
Thoughts on Applications of the SSHAC Process
Martin McCann, Jack R. Benjamin & Associates, Inc. & Stanford University


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