National University Consortium

National University Consortium

Safety and Licensing CORE

Sustaining the current nuclear renaissance underway in the United States requires finding ways to extend the life of existing nuclear power plants and to safely bring new plants online. The principal barriers to doing this are associated with safety and licensing.

The Safety and Licensing CORE is guiding strategic investments that will enable INL to support the Department of Energy’s nuclear energy research and development programs to address critical issues in nuclear power safety and licensing.

The goal is to help position INL to make the advances in research and technology development over the next decade that will lead to the resolution of key safety and licensing issues. Research collaborations will focus on:

  • Building risk-informed safety case for plant life extension
  • Developed structured approaches to validate advanced information codes
  • Testing new paradigms for regulatory oversight, particularly related to beyond design basis accidents and natural phenomena hazards
  • Developing advanced approaches to risk assessment that address limitationsin the treatment of passive safety systems, uncertainty propagation, aging mechanisms, and human reliability.

INL Lead
Nam Dinh

University Lead
Rich Denning, The Ohio State University


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