National University Consortium

National University Consortium

Nuclear Hybrid Energy Systems CORE Workshop

Idaho National Laboratory, Idaho Falls, Idaho.
July 24-25, 2013


Welcome-Introduction of INEST & Nuclear Hybrid Energy Systems (NHES) CORE
Richard Boardman, Idaho National Laboratory
Nuclear Renewable Hybrid Energy Systems
Mark Ruth, National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Nuclear Renewable Futures Employing Nuclear Process Heat
Charles Forsberg, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Chemical Heat Pump Systems for Temperature Amplification for Light Water Reactors
Vivek Utgikar, University of Idaho
Economic Analysis of Advanced SMRs
Richard Hale, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
NuScale Power
Dan Ingersoll, NuScale Power
Liquid Metal Fast Reactor Supported Hybrid Energy Systems
Joshua Walter, TerraPower
Fluoride-Salt Cooled HTRs with Nuclear Air Combined Cycle
Raluca Scarlat, University of California, Berkeley
Demonstrating Hybrid Heat Transport and Energy Conversion System- Characterization Using Intelligent Control Systems
Akira Tokuhiro, University of Idaho
Dynamic Optimization for Energy System Planning Under Uncertainty
John Hedengren, Brigham Young University
Thermal Energy Storage to Enhance Hybrid Energy Systems
Kody Powell, University of Texas, Austin
Process Screening using Simplified Techno-Economic & LCA Modeling for Algae-Based Systems
John Pellegrino, University of Colorado
Energy Systems Modeling at the University of Wyoming
David Bell, University of Wyoming
Value-Driven Design Optimization of Hybrid Energy Systems
Chris Paredis, Georgia Tech
Modelica Modeling Tools for Dynamic Behavior Simulations of SMRs
Richard Hale, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
SMR Modeling for Grid Stability and Load Follow Applications
J. Michael Doster, North Carolina State University


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