National University Consortium

National University Consortium

INEST Fuel Cycle CORE Regional Outreach Meeting
University of Texas, Austin
February 20-21, 2013


Day 1- February 20, 2013
Fuel Cycle CORE
Terry Todd, INEST Fuels Cycle CORE Lead, Idaho National Laboratory
The Nuclear and Radiation Engineering Program and Nuclear Fuel Cycle Initiatives at UT-Austin
Erich Schneider, University of Texas, Austin
Building Organic-Inorganic Hybrid Materials to Protect Metal Ion Sequestering Agents from Radiation-Induced Oxidative Damage
Peter Zalupski, Idaho National Laboratory
Potentiometric Sensor for Real-Time Monitoring of Multivalent Ion Concentrations in LiCl-KCI Molten Salt
Natalie Gese, Idaho National Laboratory
Separating Lanthanides and Actinides in Aqueous Solutions Using Electrokinetic Techniques
Mark Deinert, University of Texas, Austin
Nuclear Forensics Studies at the University of Texas
Sheldon Landsberger, University of Texas, Austin
Gas Phase Reactions for Recovery of Graphite from Recycled HTGR TRISO Fuel
Mitch Greenhalgh, Idaho National Laboratory

Day 2- February 21, 2013
New Radiochemistry and Nuclear Science Initiatives at Penn State
Amanda Johnsen, Pennsylvania State University
Current Research Activities at CAES Radiochemistry Laboratory
Supathorn Phongikaroon, University of Idaho
An Introduction to the Radiochemistry and Nuclear Engineering Programs at South Carolina State University
Zheng Chang, South Carolina State University
Nuclear Engineering at the Colorado School of Mines- An Interdisciplinary Approach
Jenifer Braley, Colorado School of Mines
Overview of Oregon State University Activities
Alena Paulenova, Oregon State University
FCC Related Research and Educational Activities at NSEI, MU
Dabir Viswanath, University of Missouri


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