National University Consortium

National University Consortium

Fuel Cycle CORE

The Fuel Cycle CORE focuses on research of innovative fuel cycle approaches and systems applicable to domestic and global fuel cycle futures. It looks at developing fuel cycle options that are beyond the focus of programmatic R&D and building strong ties to universities to train the next generation of fuel cycle researchers.

Fuel Cycle CORE goals are:

  • Advanced approaches to address management of used light water reactor fuel with simplified material separation methods
  • Technologies designed to meet the needs of material management issues (fissile material recover, waste management and disposal) associated with advanced fuels and reactors for process heat applications, hydrogen production, waste transmutation, etc.
  •  Systems and technologies designed to allow “a priori” optimization of fuel cycles to minimize proliferation risk using “safeguards by design”
  • Extension of material separation experience and knowledge beyond the nuclear field
  • Development of the next generation of fuel cycle scientists and engineers.

INL Leads
Terry Todd
Patricia Paviet-Hartmann

University Lead
Ed Arthur, University of New Mexico


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