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INEST Advisory Board


The INEST Advisory Board is composed of internal and external members and the chair of the steering committee for each of the Centers of Research and Education (CORE). The primary objective of the Advisory Board is to help guide and provide advice to INEST with respect to strategic direction, priority, integration opportunities, and mission implementation. The Advisory Board is charged with answering the following questions:

  • Is the organization focused on the correct strategies, objectives, and scientific questions?
  • Is INEST establishing effective collaborations with universities and other research organizations consistent with its mission and to achieve its goals and strategies?
  • Does INEST have the right partners/collaborators (looking beyond the NUC)?
  • Does INEST have the appropriate staff to successfully implement strategies and objectives?
  • Do INEST and its COREs have the appropriate facilities to successfully implement the strategies and objectives?
  • What additional resources or activities would contribute to more efficient and effective outcomes and results?
  • Are the activities of INEST increasing INL's recognition, reputation, and eminence?
  • What activities is INEST doing that it should not be doing?

Advisory Board Presentations

FY 2012 Advisory Board Presentations

FY 2011 Advisory Board Presentations

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