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Earthquakes from 1972 to 2007 by the INL Seismic Monitoring Program

INL Earthquake Catalog

The INL seismic network began recording earthquakes in 1972, and from 1972 to 2007, INL has recorded more than 9,300 earthquakes. The majority of the earthquakes are located in the Basin and Range (mountains and valleys) provinces that surround the Snake River Plain. Most of the earthquakes occur due to normal faulting, which is in response to tensional stresses that are pulling the crust apart . The 1983 surface-wave magnitude (Ms) 7.3 Borah Peak, Idaho earthquake is the largest earthquake that has been recorded by the INL seismic network. The earthquake caused rupture along the Lost River normal fault and had many aftershocks. Other areas of high activity include southwestern Montana and southern Idaho. In contrast, the Snake River Plain has very little seismicity. Since installation of INL’s seismic network, only 35 small magnitude microearthquakes (M < 2.0) have been detected within the Snake River Plain near INL.

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