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Seismic station at Crow's Nest Canyon in the Lost River Range, Idaho

Current Earthquake Activity

The INL seismic network currently records about 2,000 earthquakes a year with the exception of years when earthquake swarms or large magnitude earthquakes with aftershocks occur. For a typical year, earthquakes are magnitude 3.0 or less and are not felt.  INL seismologists analyze earthquakes daily to determine if they are from distant sources around the world or from the local sources near Idaho. INL seismologists compute epicenters, magnitudes, and focal depths of earthquakes that occur in southern Idaho, southwest Montana, northern Utah, western Wyoming, and northeastern Nevada. For earthquakes within the INL seismic network, seismologists perform additional analyses to determine fault plane solutions (or types of faulting). INL seismologists compile and report information in quarterly summaries and an annual report about earthquakes that occur within a 161-km (or 100-mile) radius of INL.

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