INL Science Focus Area Project

INL Subsurface Science SFA research program:

Understanding and Controlling Precipitation Reaction Fronts in Subsurface Environments


Our aim is to advance the scientific understanding of induced in situ mineral precipitation in porous media to enable the development of field-scale amendment delivery and monitoring methods for controlling precipitate formation and contaminant immobilization. Our research focuses on better characterization and understanding of phenomena such as rapid and variable flow and transport, incomplete mixing and evolving reaction fronts, steep chemical gradients, and dynamic coupling between reactions and physical medium properties, which are more important in egineered systems than natural systems. The concepts of inducing mineral precipitation through amendment delivery and the immobilization of subsurface metal contaminant are shown in the figure below.

Immobilization of contaminants through iduced mineralization

Sponsoring Organization: DOE Subsurface Biogeochemistry Research Program, contract DE- AC07-05ID14517 (Subsurface Science Focus Area (SFA) program, DOE Office of Biological and Environmental Research (BER)

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