INL Comprehensive Land Use and Environmental Stewardship Report

IDAHO FALLS — Idaho National Laboratory officials announced today that the Comprehensive Land Use and Environmental Stewardship (CLUES) Report for Fiscal Year 2011 has been finalized.

The CLUES Report compliments the INL Ten Year Site Plan and provides a look ahead to INL facilities 10, 30 and 100 years into the future.

The CLUES Report discusses how land on the INL will be managed and the process for reviewing requests. The report represents a coordinated effort between DOE-ID and INL Land Use Committee’s.

"Planning and coordination is essential to ensure mission accomplishment and to follow through with commitments made for protecting of the environment," said John Reisenauer, INL's manager for Land Management and Campus Planning. "We now have the tools and processes in place to make more informed land use decisions.”

The CLUES report is available by clicking on the CLUES link http://www.inl.gov/publications/d/comprehensive-land-use-and-environmental-steawardship-report.pdf.

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