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2010 HYS Student Quotes

A Si Se Puede Attitude

“It can be done! “It” is different for everyone. We all have different goals but they can all be accomplished if we do our best. Do it for yourselves, it doesn't have to be for anyone else because you are going to make the difference.” “The DREAM ACT is an amazing law proposition that allows aspiring minds to continue their education as well as gain legal status...Congress will pass absurd laws, but will not allow a law that will create our future doctors, lawyers, wrestlers or even congressmen from completing their goals. There have been so many Chicanos who have made our community better and thanks to them, we have more rights than we did before.”
“I will get my degree in Special Education. That way I can help others who struggle like me to realize Si se Puede. I am not just an average Hispanic, I am unique.” “Well, this Hispanic has plans for myself to go to college and be a social worker. I plan to change many lives and with Diosito's help and the faith of my loved ones, I know I will get really far!”
“My parents are housekeepers, I'm very proud to say. They should really be called heroes. I don't know what would have happened with me if they wouldn't have followed their dream. Would I be as far as I am now?” “Obstacles are the fuel to the phrase “Si Se Puede.”
“There were times I was accused of things and I could not defend myself. I worked hard because I wanted to succeed. I am bilingual and am working on my third language.” “I can express my hunger for success, that one day I will have the opportunity to help others, that one day I will honor them with their long awaited dream.”
“Our parents have worked hard for a better future for us, it's time to take advantage of the opportunities we have.” “Help others who also wish to be successful in life.”
“Crossing borders, starting a new life and living in a new world is what many of our parents, grandparents, and ancestors have always done. Our ancestors have done this because they wanted us to live a better life than they did. Because of them, we are here today, succeeding in life.” “Finally, we need to be willing to sacrifice our time and our resources. We need to keep trying until we achieve our goals. Even if you Don't achieve all of them you will have achieved most of them and will have a life without regrets. And, that's the best type of life to live.”
“Ring, ring!” “Si se puede! Si se puede!” That’s the wake up call to a successful life.” “The two realizations of how to achieve greatness are: 1) moving on to higher education 2) giving out a lending hand.”

2009 HYS Student Quotes

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