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We are augmenting our research portfolio and capabilities to include all geospatial disciplines. We seek new talented staff and continue to enhance our state-of-the-art data processing facilities. For more information about employment or collaborative research opportunities, please contact us.


Julie A. Brizzee
Ecological Sciences
GIS Analyst/Programmer
(208) 526-8440

Shane J. Cherry
Critical Infrastructure Systems Analyst
GIS/Remote Sensing Scientist
(208) 526-1438

Ryan C. Hruska
Ecological Sciences
GIS/Remote Sensing Scientist
(208) 526-2708

John A. Koudelka
Ecological Sciences
GIS/Remote Sensing Scientist
(208) 526-8591

Randy D. Lee
Ecological Sciences
Geospatial Science and Engineering Team Lead
(208) 526-0120

Ron C. Rope
Ecological Sciences
Ecologist/GIS Analyst
(208) 526-9491

Sera E. White
Ecological Sciences
Software/Database Engineer
(208) 526-1632

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