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Geocentrifuge Research Laboratory

America Geophysical Union Special Session

Drs. Earl Mattson (INL) and Patricia Culligan (CU) co-chaired a special session, Geocentrifuge Advances in Studying Subsurface Environmental Processes, at the Fall AGU 2003 meeting held in San Franciso, CA. Eleven talks were presented at this session.

Sesson Abstracts

AGU poster—525kB PDF

Photo of the opening of the INL Geocentrifuge Research Laboratory

Workshop attendees gathered at the Geocentrifuge Research Laboratory for a demonstration run, and working group discussions.

INL Geocentrifuge Workshop

The INL held a workshop on March 27-28, 2003 in Idaho Falls to introduce the scientific and engineering community to its new user facility dedicated to environmental and geotechnical research. The heart of this facility is a 2-meter radius, 50 g-ton capacity geocentrifuge. The purpose of this workshop was to provide detailed information on centrifuge applications, and identify areas of collaboration for potential users.

Summary of the geoenvironmental breakout session.—24kB PDF

Key presentations:

Geocentrifuge Modeling Basics: Part 1

Trish Culligan, Massachusetts Institute of Technology - presentation ( 1.9MB Powerpoint)

Geocentrifuge Modeling Basics: Part 2

Bruce Kutter, University of California - Davis - presentation (32.4MB Powerpoint) This animation correspondents with slide 6 of the presentation.

The following are animations that go with slide 43 of the above presentation.

Geocentrifuge Application Examples

  • Jorge Zornberg, University of Colorado at Boulder - presentation ( 1.7MB PDF)
  • Bruce Kutter, University of California at Davis - presentation (12.0MB Powerpoint)
  • Trish Culligan, Massachusetts Institute of Technology - presentation ( 2.3MB Powerpoint)

Other geocentrifuge research laboratories

Technical information sites

  • ISSMGE – TC2 (Centrifuge & Physical Model Testing Technical Committee of the International Society of Soil Mechanics & Geotechnical Engineering)
  • NECER (Network of European Centrifuge for Environmental Research) - Program completed May 2001.
  • NEES (Network for Earthquake Engineering Simulation)

Journals with substantial centrifuge publications


  • Taylor, R. N. 1995. "Geotechnical Centrifuge Technology." Blackie Academic and Professional.
  • Craig, W. H., James, R. G., and Schofield, A. N. 1988. "Centrifuges in Soil Mechanics." A. A. Balkema.

Past Conferences & Workshops:


  • International Conference CENTRIFUGE 98 (IS-Tokyo 98), Tokyo, Japan. 23-25 September 1998. Proceedings: Edited by Kimura, T., Kusakabe, O., and Tekamura, J., A. A. Balkema.
  • International Conference Centrifuge 94, Singapore. 31 August – 2 September 1994. Proceedings: Edited by Leung, C. F., Lee, F. H., and Tan, T. S., A.A. Balkema.
  • International Conference Centrifuge 91, Boulder, Colorado. 13-14 June 1991, Proceedings: Edited by Ko, H.Y. and McLean, A.A. Balkema.
  • International Conference Centrifuge 88, Paris, France. 25-27 April 1988. Proceedings: Edited by Corté, J. F., A.A. Balkema.
  • Symposium on the Application of Centrifuge Modeling to Geotechnical Design, Manchester, UK. 16-18 April 1984. Proceedings: Edited by Craig, W. H., A.A. Balkema.

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