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Alternative Energy Technologies

Exploration & Production

INL is working on a number of industry-identified exploration and production problems ranging from downhole instrumentation to pipeline production and transportation. We have developed designs of several downhole seismic source and receiver assemblies being requested by industrial participants and are fortunate to have forged excellent working relationships with several other multi-program DOE labs working in similar areas.

Of particular note is our current work in developing next-generation downhole seismic tools, specifically the Large Downhole Seismic Sensor Array and the Single Well Seismic Imaging System (in partnership with Sandia National Lab and Lawrence Berkeley Lab). We are also developing downhole hardware designed to improve cement jobs, stimulate production, and provide better information of rock properties. Our high-void fraction multiphase meter also appears to have applications in the petrochemical industry as well as the natural gas industry, thereby leveraging the internal funding used to develop the instrument.

We have recently signed a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) with an international pipeline company to further develop weld-inspection technology that will promote greater productivity. As mentioned above, all these efforts are coordinated closely with the identified needs of industry. To date, we have executed two CRADAs and are currently negotiating one other. We have also licensed two INL technologies and are negotiating a license of another. Technologies being developed and licensed will be used on- and offshore, both domestically and internationally.

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Downhole Seismic Source

Downhole seismic source for look-ahead pore pressure prediction while drilling.

Large Downhole Seismic Sensor Array

Accurate prediction of formation pressures is critical to safe drilling operations.

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