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Environmental Resource Management

This division delivers science-based engineering solutions to meet regional and national energy, water and other critical environmental challenges.

Specifically, researchers work to advance technologies, processes, and environmental safeguards necessary for DOE, other national agencies and institutions - to bridge funding and technology gaps that delay regulatory compliance, mandated milestones, and implementation of environmental goals. Currently, critical program areas across the DOE complex experience intense pressure to achieve results - while meeting enforceable milestones and sustaining environmental stewardship with diminishing resources.

The division's technical capabilities are rooted in six decades of actively managing DOE legacy wastes and environmental concerns related to the nation's weapons complex - and more recently - with site cleanup, groundwater quality, new waste streams, energy development, and demand for water.

The four departments comprising the division include: Environmental Engineering and Technology, Environmental Stewardship and Water Management, Nuclear Materials Disposition and Engineering, and Systems Engineering. Their capabilities include hazardous and radioactive waste management; transporting and disposing of spent nuclear fuel and high level waste; environmental remediation; ecological risk assessments; and web-enabled geographic information and visualization systems.

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Applied Geosciences

Performing applied earth science research.

Nuclear Materials Disposition

Providing technical services for managing spent nuclear fuel and high level waste.

Systems Engineering

Understanding and acting on connections between requirements and life cycle solutions.

Water Management

Integrating modeling tools into environmental decision-making and stewardship.

Department of energy

DOE Office of Nuclear Energy
DOE-Idaho Office