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Nuclear Materials Disposition and Engineering

The Nuclear Materials Disposition and Engineering department is DOE's technical and engineering resource for the disposition of DOE's spent nuclear fuel and high level waste. The department's expertise and capabilities are applied in three primary areas; transportation services, yucca mountain engineering support, and its National Spent Nuclear Fuel Program. This department helps the staff at DOE headquarters develop route plans and provide state, as well as regional, emergency preparedness training and simulated drills. They also support the repository development contractors by testing and validating repository software, conducting corrosion studies, performing repository modeling, and designing a system for closing waste packages. Most importantly, the department manages the DOE's National Spent Nuclear Fuel Program. This program is directly responsible for ensuring all of DOE's SNF and HLW is acceptable for disposal at the repository. This program also developed DOE's licensing strategy and conducts all the modeling, technology development, and engineering design necessary for packaging DOE's SNF and HLW.

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National Spent Nuclear Fuel Program

Providing technology solutions and guidance to ensure safe, efficient handling, characterization, and disposition of DOE managed spent nuclear fuel and high level waste.

Transportation Services

Developing systematic risk-based programs and processes to safely transport spent nuclear fuel and radiological materials.

Yucca Mountain Engineering

Providing engineering design and operations support for all SNF being prepared for disposal in the repository for the past 50 years.

Department of energy

DOE Office of Nuclear Energy
DOE-Idaho Office