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USGS Mercury Research

Uniteds States Geological Survey (USGS) investigations provide information to guide environmental planning and management. This information helps managers reduce mercury contamination of our biological resources and the associated threats to humans and wildlife. This site includes USGS science activities, mercury roundtable discussions, and contact information.

EPA National Risk Management Laboratory – Mercury Research Strategy

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA’s) Office of Research and Development (ORD) has developed a Mercury Research Strategy. This strategy guides ORD’s mercury research program and covers the FY 2001 through 2005 timeframe.

EPA Envirofacts Warehouse Chemical References

Mercury ELEMENTAL CAS #7439-97-6 Reference information on the chemical mercury.

EPA Fact Sheet

The EPA’s National List of Fish and Wildlife Advisories.

EPA Water Quality Criteria

EPA is announcing the availability of a recommended fish tissue residue criterion for methylmercury to protect human health. This water quality criterion describes the maximum advisable concentration of methylmercury in freshwater and estuarine fish and shellfish tissue to protect consumers of fish and shellfish among the general population.

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